Scouts d'Andorra

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Scouts d'Andorra
Scouts d'Andorra
Country Andorra
Founded n/a

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Andorra is one of only five of the world's independent countries that do not have Scouting. The population is sufficiently large to sustain Scouting, but the Scout association of the tiny enclave in the Pyrenees, Scouts d'Andorra, has been dormant since the 1980s and at present there is no Scouting movement. At least one group was known to be sponsored by Collège Mare Janer private school, run along the lines of the Scouts of Europe method.[1]

The tiny principality issued Scout Centenary stamps for the 2007 celebration, through both French and Spanish posts.

The Scout Motto in Catalan is Sempre a punt.

The Minyons Escoltes i Guies de Catalunya, a Catalan Scouting organization, undertook a study on the possibilities for Scout groups in Andorra in summer 2007.[2] Activities were started in 2008 and are supervised by the European Scout Region.[3] The situation is unique, as there are no legal provisions for the establishment of associations in Andorra, which is still a feudal state with two co-princes.