Federação Escotista de Portugal

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Federação Escotista de Portugal
Headquarters Travessa das Galeotas, nº1
Location Lisbon
Country Portugal
Founded 1928
Membership 80,000
President Nelson Raimundo

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The Federação Escotista de Portugal (FEP, Scouting Federation of Portugal) is the national Scouting federation of Portugal. Scouting in Portugal started in 1911 and was among the founders of the World Organization of the Scout Movement in 1922. The present federation was founded in 1928. It serves about 80,000 members of both sexes (according to the homepages).

When Portuguese Scouting started in 1911, many associations appeared, however, only two of them survived: Unido dos Adueiros de Portugal (which became extinct in 1930) and the Associação dos Escoteiros de Portugal (AEP), still operational. The Corpo Nacional de Escutas - Escutismo Católico Português (CNE) is another Scouting organization that is active today. It was founded in 1923, and is sponsored by the Catholic Church. Today, there are also some organizations besides the CNE and the AEP, like the Associação Guias de Portugal (AGP), but they are not members of the federation.

The federation was host of RoverWay 2003, a joint event of the European Scout Region and the WAGGGS-Europe Region.


The federation has two members:

Note: The word Scouting has two different spellings in Portuguese: Escotismo is used by the AEP, Escutismo by the CNE.


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