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The Badge for the 2007 Centenary - which will be worn by all Scouts around the world

The Scouting 2007 Centenary comprises a number of celebrations around the world in which Scouts will celebrate 100 years of the World Scout Movement.

Some of these celebrations will be focused on the United Kingdom, such as the camps on Brownsea Island, the birthplace of Scouting.

Many national Scout Movements will add extra celebrations in amongst the international ones. The first major celebration of the Centenary was the Australian Scout Jamboree held from 1 - 14 January, 2007 at Elmore, Victoria, Australia.

From the very start

The Centenary celebrations begin on the 1st of January, 2007, and all members of the World Organization of the Scout Movement are encouraged to start their programme on this day, and continue right through the year.

In London, in the United Kingdom, there is a New Years Day Parade of Scouts to start the year with.

World Jamboree 2007

The 21st World Scout Jamboree is the main event of the year, with 40,000 young people from around the world taking part in a 12-day event in the south of England.

The event will start on the 27th of July, meaning that the 40,000 camping participants will be celebrating the Scouting Sunrise in one place.

While this is not the largest encampment of Scouts ever held (over 50,000 young Scouts camped in Birkenhead at the Coming of Age Jamboree in 1929), it is expected that the large numbers of day visitors and the many concurrent camps around the world will make this the largest Scouting event since the movement started 100 years earlier.


This is a resource pack for all age groups which will provide a detailed, yet flexible, programme for all Scouts to share around the world.

Scouting's Sunrise

The first Scout Camp opened on the 1st August, 1907 by the Movement's Founder Robert Baden-Powell. At 8am, he blew a kudu horn to gather round the boys that were on the island for that camp.

Exactly one hundred years later, every member of Scouting will be encouraged to take part in an event to commemorate this. Every member of the Scout association worldwide should renew their promise at 8am local time; and every Scout troop is expected to organise a "good turn" in aid of their local communities. Additionally, at 8am BST, Scouts internationally are able to use the Internet to celebrate and communicate with Scouts who are on Brownsea Island as part of the World Scout Jamboree. Many Scout groups plan to turn the event into a day long celebration - in particular many are going the coastline in order to renew their promise.

Gifts for Peace

During the 36th World Scout Conference, it was decided that each National Scout Organisation would present a Gift for Peace during 2007. This Gift is expected to be the culmination of work by young people in Scouting over the previous year.

Brownsea Island celebrations

There are several camps planned on the famous birthplace of Scouting, including a Sunrise Camp, a Replica Camp, and a New Centenary Camp. The replica camp will have two 4 and a half day camps running either side of the 1 August celebrations. The activities will include 1907 activities and some with a modern twist. The first camp has just boy scouts and the second includes boys and girls.

The 12 Camps of 2007

To mark the centenary of Scouting, Scottish Scouting is running a set of 12 massive camps open to all members of the Explorer Section in the UK. These range from activity camps to Young Leaders courses and are sure to be very popular.

Scout and Guide Spirit Flame

On 22 February 2007, the 150th anniversary of Robert Baden-Powell's birth, a torch was lit at his grave in Nyeri, Kenya. Several thousand Scouts and Guides from around the world attended the ceremony that included a procession from Baden-Powell's old home nearby.

The flame will be carried by Scouts and Guides through Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Greece, Italy, France, Belgium and finally the UK to arrive on Brownsea Island, UK on the eve of Scouting's Sunrise. It will then continue onwards to the 21st World Scout Jamboree.

Switzerland - Igloo village

On 17 -18 March 2007, Swiss Scouts planned to build an igloo village with each construction representing one of the member countries and territories of WOSM. The event was held on the glacier of the Plaine Morte near the resort of Crans-Montana, in Switzerland. A total of 130 igloos were built, short of the planned number, but this still beat the previous world record of 100 igloos. Additionally, every team composed a message of peace for the Scout organisation represented by their igloo. These letters will be sent including a photo of the igloo village taken at night-fall, when all of the igloos were illuminated by torches laid out in the snow spelling out the word peace. The public were encouraged to attend the event, in order to show how igloos are made and to involve them in the construction.

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