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A great number of articles on ScoutWiki have been directly imported from Wikipedia, on the database level. They now have to be ScoutWikified, that is, transformed from a Wikipedia article into a ScoutWiki article.

This shall be made through a couple of different phases, which of course can be merged into a single change.


First of all steps, the articles have to be de-Wikipedified. That is :

  1. every red link which doesn't link to a potential ScoutWiki article (i.e, an article about a country, a town or a non-scout person) has to be removed.
  2. every template which has :
    • either to be imported and adapted from Wikipedia, if it's a purely scout template
    • either to be removed from the article. In order to help us to be more efficient with that, you can draw a list of the templates to be removed on the talk pages of user owning bots (Kontti or Akela NDE), whose bots will browse every ScoutWiki article to remove the template code.
  3. parts of text being of no scouting interest have to be removed.
  4. Images of no scouting interest have to be removed.

Technical ScoutWikification

  • Creation of links to other existing ScoutWiki articles,
  • application of specific ScoutWiki templates, which can eventually be done after the creation of those templates ...
  • the remaining images have to be replaced either by an image copied from Wikipedia, either, when it's possible, by an image present or to be copied on ScoutMedia, where it can be used on other ScoutWikies. That last possibility shall be preferred to the first one.
  • Moving articles to correct name. (i.e. Yell (Scouting) should be yell and campaign hat should be Scout hat.)

Litterary ScoutWikification

The text of the articles shall now be changed in order to be of better use for scouts and to fit better a scouting encyclopaedia, than a classic encyclopaedia like Wikipedia.

For example Flashlight, we probably do not need long history of Flashlight and technical introduction how the lamp works, so that may be deleted. But we need good tips how to use Flashlight in scouting, link to plays/games with flashlight and so on.