Sakartvelos Gogona Skautebis Asociacia 'Dia'

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File:Girl Scouts of Georgia membership badge.png
Membership badge – the trefoil is made of the letters d-i-a in the Kartveli script and looks like an adult embracing children

The Sakartvelos Gogona Skautebis Asociacia 'Dia' (საქართველოს გოგონა სკაუტების ასოციაცია 'დია', Girl Scouts of Georgia 'Dia') is the national Guiding organisation of Georgia. It serves 925 members (as of 1998). The girls-only became an associate member of the WAGGGS in 1999.

Dia itself is an ancient Georgian word, used as a feminine name, referring to the goddess associated in Georgian pre-Christian mythology with the planet Jupiter.


The association is divided in three sections according to age:

  • Baya - ages 7 to 9
  • Tsitsinatela - ages 10 to 15
  • Dia - ages 16 to 32

Scout Law

  1. A Girl Scout is reliable and can be trusted.
  2. A Girl Scout smiles and sings under all difficulties.
  3. A Girl Scout respects time.
  4. A Girl Scout is loyal to her leaders and subordinates.
  5. A Girl Scout is a friend to all and a sister to other Girl Scout.
  6. A Girl Scout is a friend to the nature.
  7. A Girl Scout faces challange and learns from her experiences.
  8. A Girl Scout is patient and considerate.
  9. A Girl Scout is polite.
  10. A Girl Scout is pure in thought, in word and in deed.

Scout Promise

I promise that I will do my best
To do my duty to God
To serve my country
To help people at all times
To live by the Girl Scout Law.

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