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Rovers, formerly Rover Scouts, is the fifth and final section of Scouts Australia, and began in 1918. Rovers are aged between 17 (generally 18) and 26 years of age and are organised into local Crews, which can be associated with a Scout Group or operate as a stand-alone Crew. Crews accept anyone interested in taking up Rovering, whether or not they have been in Scouts before. The section is based on Baden-Powell's book Rovering to Success and the theme of knighthood. Rovers are actively encouraged to become better citizens through taking part in Scouts Australia's nationally accredited training programs, developing leadership skills, participating in outdoor activities, attending national and international events, providing service to the community and generally building their life skills.

Rovers is organised from a Branch (state) level down - and unlike many other sections is very active at a Branch level. The larger states are split into Regions, which in turn are made up of Crews. Victoria has the largest Rover population, with around 100 Crews and there are over 300 Crews Australia-wide.

The highest achievement award is the Baden-Powell Scout Award.

Australian Rovers run an Australian Rover Moot every three years. The largest event in Australian Rovering is Victoria's annual Surfmoot [1], run across the Australia Day weekend each January.

On the old khaki uniform, Rovers were distinguished by green epaulettes, but with the new uniform, Rovers are now distinguished by a red shoulder panel on the blue uniform shirt, green badges on each shoulder, as well as the traditional 'knot' of five ribbons (tan for Joeys, yellow for Cubs, green for Scouts, maroon for Venturers and red for Rovers) - this distinguishes Rovers from every other section.

Rovering Organisation

The Crew System

A Rover Crew is run by its members, led by an elected committee. The committee normally consists of a Crew Leader, Deputy Crew Leader, Secretary and Treasurer but large Crews may also add a Fundraiser, a Quartermaster and other roles. Rovers are adults and make their own decisions but sometimes Crews wish to have input from people over 26, called Rover Advisers. These people are selected by the Crew because of their previous experience, both in Scouting and in life.

Region Rover Council

While allowing District Rover Forums in some states (to organise promotions and social events only), the next step in the Rover Government ladder is the Region Rover Council. These bodies run Rovering in their geographic areas and are typically based on but not the same as Regions in the other sections of the Scouting Movement. These regions also run various Branch events.

There are currently seven Region Rover Councils in NSW and seven in Victoria, assisting the Crews in their area by offering service, organising social functions, distributing information, assisting with training, facilitating the Baden-Powell Scout Award and many other tasks. Not all states have Region Rover Councils, with Crews in the smaller states reporting directly to their Branch Rover Council.

Branch Rover Council

The Branch Rover Council is formed by representatives from each of the Region Rover Councils (in states that have them), and may also have representatives from sub-committees (for events, property, marketing, risk management, motorsport etc.). This body approves Branch awards, co-ordinates training, liaises with other Branch Rover Councils, develops polices and initiatives and encourages the further development of Rovering. There is an annual National Rover Council, usually held in January, attended by five representatives of each Branch Rover Council.

Branch Rover Councils also have a number of sub-committees which organise various parts of Rovering life. For example, these may include

  • Management Committees that run campsites and facilities owned by Rovers
  • Event Committees, which organise some of the main events Rovering
  • Rover Motorsport is Confederation of Australian Motorsport affiliated but also the responsibility of the Branch Rover Council

In Victoria, the Branch Rover Council Executive consists of the Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Assistant Chairman, Secretary, Victorian Rover Training Team, Computer Systems Officer, Internet Officer, Adventurous Activities Officer, Environment Officer, Marketing Officer, Journalist, Resources Officer, Honorary Historian, Honorary Treasurer, Branch Commissioner - Rovers, Assistant Branch Commissioners for Rover Activities & Rover Development, and Administration Officer.

Some states have a Lones Rover Crew, which accept members from country or other areas where the nearest Rover Crew is further than practical travel allows or who cannot attend a regular Rover Crew due to shift work or military service.

Rover Scout Motorsport

See also Mafeking Rover Park

Rover Scout Motorsport clubs exist in several states and are is the bodies responsible for the safe operation of Rover car racing. They are Confederation of Australian Motorsport-affiliated racing clubs, with strict drink-driving, safety and racing policies.[1] They are operated by an elected and assigned team of Rovers and are under the control of that states Branch Rover Council. They oversee events like Mudbash,[2] BuggyBash, [3] Sandblast and Lead Foot Challenge.

All Rover Motorsport activities were stopped in 2003 because of a loss of insurance. Thanks to the new affiliation with the Confederation of Australian Motorsport, every Rover Crew in the nation has the chance to compete once again.

The Bogong Rover Chalet on the Bogong High Plains is one example of property owned and managed by Rovers

Rover Property

See also Scouting in Victoria

Today, the Rover section owns many properties built and funded by the Rovers (including several ski lodges and the largest freehold scout park in the southern hemisphere, Mafeking Rover Park in Victoria).

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