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Scouts Australia
Scouts Australia
Scouts Australia Logo
Country Australia
Founded 1908
Founder Robert Baden-Powell
Membership 84 000 [1]
Chief Scout Michael Jeffery, Governor General of Australia[2]

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Scouting in Western Australia is a branch of Scouts Australia in the State of Western Australia, Australia. Scouting began in Western Australia in 1908 when eighteen year old Frank Roche from Spearwood, Western Australia established the first Scout Patrol. By the end of 1909 there were 416 members in 16 Groups. In 1912, the Founder, Robert Baden-Powell visited Perth, Western Australia. A Scout Gang Show started in Perth in 1962. Two Australian Scout Jamborees have been held in Western Australia in 1979/80 and 1994/95.

The Branch is organised around Metropolitan and Regional Areas:-

Perth Metropolitan Areas

  • Perth CBD
  • Northern suburbs
  • Inner Northern suburbs
  • Eastern suburbs
  • Inner Western suburbs
  • Other Western suburbs
  • Coastal Strip
  • Fremantle
  • South Perth suburbs
  • Inner Southern suburbs
  • Southern Suburbs

Regional Areas.

  • Kimberley
  • Pilbara
  • Gascoyne
  • Mid West
  • Goldfields
  • Heartlands
  • Peel
  • South West
  • Great Southern
  • Esperance

Sea Scouting

Sea Scouts in Western Australia are active. The premier Sea Scout Competition in WA is the Master Mariners competition. The Junior Shield is currently held by Canning Sea Scouts, the Senior Shield by Canning Venturer Sea Scouts and the Rover Oar by Pelican Point Rover Crew.

The current Sea Scout Groups in WA are:

  • 1st Bayswater Sea Scouts
  • 2nd Bunbury Sea Scouts
  • 1st Canning Sea Scouts
  • 1st Fremantle Sea Scouts
  • 1st Leeuwin Sea Scouts
  • 1st Mullaloo Sea Scouts
  • 1st Mosman Bay Sea Scouts
  • 1st Pelican Point Sea Scouts
  • 1st Salter Point Sea Scouts
  • 1st Waylen Bay Sea Scouts

There is a Scout Water Activity center located in Como, Western Australia that land based groups can use and holds an annual regatta.

Air Scouting

There is currently the 1st Bullsbrook Air Scouts. Air scouts do a wide range of air activities.


  • Eaton Campsite. On the banks of the Collie River at Eaton, in the Shire of Dardanup, just 8 km from Bunbury.
  • Gilcreek Campsite. On the bank of the King River, 12 km from Albany.
  • Manjedal Campsite. Near Byford about one hours drive from Perth is the Branch's major Camp Site and Training Centre, established in 1967.
  • Toowacka Campsite. Bay of Isles, Esperance.
  • Vasse Campsite. 280 km south west of Perth near Busselton.
  • Scout Water Activity Centre in Como, Near Canning Bridge in Perth.

Major Branch Events

  • Trek-about. Held annually around the Swan River.
  • Herison Island Re-enactment camp. A re-enactment of the first scout camp on Brown Sea Island.
  • Branch Scout Council held every 2nd month at Baden-Powell house.
  • Rottnest Invasion. Held at Rottnest Island, scouts do community service.
  • Cargeeg Shield. The premier camping competition in Western Australia. Held at Manjadel Scout centre

Major Competitions

The following are the major competitions that held in WA.


  • Cargeeg Challenge Shield (Scouts), the Premier Camping competition in WA for Scouts, currently held by Mosman bay Sea Scouts
  • Master Mariners Junior Shield (Scouts), the Premier Boating competition in WA for Scouts, currently held by Canning Sea Scouts
  • Swan Tiki - a Bi-annual Rafting event for Scout section, the overall throphy is currently held by Canning Sea Scouts
  • Orienteering- Held annually at a National park in Perth. There are many catorgeries in which teams compete to collect the most points.


  • Master Mariners Senior Shield, premier boating competition in WA for venturers, currently held by Canning Venturer Sea Scouts.
  • Mission Impossible. Held by Kalamunda Ventures.


  • Master Mariner Rover Oar, premier boating competition in WA for rovers, currently held by Pelican Point Rover Sea Scouts.
  • Mission Impossible
  • Rover Motor Sports. The Rover Baja Car Rally.

Water Activities/Sea Scouts (involved more than one section)

  • Swan-A-Bout, the 30 hours sailing Marathron for Scout section and above. The overall Trophy is currently held by Canning Sea Scouts. The sailing classes are all held by Canning Sea Scouts (Dignhy, Sea Boat, Keel Boat, Catamaran) with the exception of the dinghy class which Fremantle Sea Scouts tied with Canning
  • Pelican Point Regatta, held bi-annually with other Sea Scout troops holding the regatta every second year.The regatta was held as Waylen Bay Regatta in 2006. The shield is currently held by the Waylen Bay Sea Scouts.
  • Como Regatta, the annual regatta that held at Scout Water Activity Center at Como, the trophy is currently held by Mosman Bay Sea Scouts.
  • Rowing Record, There is rowing challenge open to all scouts/ventures. It is between Nedlands and Applecross jetty. The current holders are the Waylen Bay Ventures setting the record in 1984 in the sea boat Lyn Ward. the record was broken in 2007 by the Waylen Bay Ventures in the Lyn Ward

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