Mafeking Rover Park

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Mafeking Rover Park
Mafeking Rover Park
Owner Victorian Branch Rover Council
Location Yea,
Country Australia
Founded 1926
Founder Victorian Branch Rover Council

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Mafeking Rover Park is a campground which is fully owned and operated by the Victorian Branch Rover Council, through its Mafeking Park Management Subcommittee. Located 32km from Yea, it is a 130 Hectares mix of open land and scrub.[1]

Mafeking, in the Switzeralnd Ranges of Northern Victoria, was selected after a four year search for a suitable location. It is also used for other purposes, such as the home of the Northern Training Centre. Although it is called a Rover Park, its use is open to all sections of the Scouting Movement.

Mafeking was named after the South African town of Mafeking, which was besiged for 219 days during the Second Boer War. The Garrison was commanded by Scouting Founder Lt General Lord Sir Robert Baden-Powell of Gilwell, who with 2,000 British soldiers held off 8,000 Boer Warriors until relieved, catapulting Baden-Powell to the status of a nation hero.

Mafeking's facilities include a 4-cargo-container-tall abseiling tower, commando, orienteering and 9-hole golf courses. Sleeping accomadation is offered in a Scout Hall, Bunkhouses and on standard campsites. Lake Surfmoot provides an area for canoeing, and there are numerous walking tracks.

Mafeking is home to a large variety of Australian fauna and flora, such as Kangaroos, Koalas, Swap Wallabys, Possums, Bats, as well as a multitude of lizards, Frogs, Birds and Fish. Local indigenous plants are used at Mafeking, both from propagated specians collected from the local area, and through revegetation efforts. No firewood is to be collected on the grounds, although there is a supply obtained during Mudbash, which is made available throughout the rest of the year, free of charge.

Rover Motorsport

Mafeking was originally anticipated as a home for Victorian Rover Motorsport. Rover Motorsport clubs exist in several states and are is the bodies responsible for the safe operation of Rover car racing. They are Confederation of Australian Motorsport-affiliated racing clubs, with strict drink-driving, safety and racing policies.[2] They are operated by an elected and assigned team of Rovers and oversee events like Mudbash, BuggyBash, Sandblast and Lead Foot Challenge.[3]

Mudbash is the largest Rover Motorsport event in Australia, taking place annually on the Queen's Birthday long weekend. It is one of the Victorian Branch Rover Council's premier events, organised by the Mudbash Committee.[4]

Mudbash 2005 saw the return of Buggy Racing after the loss of insurance in 2003. Thanks to the new affiliation with the Confederation of Australian Motorsport every Rover Crew in the nation has the chance to compete once again. Mudbash is run by an elected team known as the Mudbash Committee, all of whom are under 26. Most are accredited officials with CAMS and provide a safe, enjoyable and fun filled weekend of entertainment for the entire Rover Section.

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