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Scouts Australia
Scouts Australia
Scouts Australia Logo
Country Australia
Founded 1908
Founder Lord Baden Powell
Membership 84 000 [1]
Chief Scout Michael Jeffery[2]

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Scouts Queensland is a branch of Scouts Australia in the State of Queensland, Australia. The current Chief Commissioner for Scouts Queensland is Maurice Law, AM.


Whilst Scouting commenced in Queensland as early as 1908, it was initially part of the Boy Scout Association incorporated by King George V in his Royal Charter dated 4 January 1912. A number of changes have occurred since then and on 23 August 1967, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II incorporated The Australian Boy Scouts Association to what is known as “The Scout Association of Australia”. The Queensland Branch was declared the first Branch of that Association.

On 15 August 1974, The Scout Association of Australia, Queensland Branch, was incorporated by Letters Patent issued by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in pursuance of the Religious Education Charitable Institutions Act 1861 – 1967. All Members of Groups, Districts, Areas, Regions, and Branch Committees, Leaders and Youth Members belong to this body corporate.

The Scout Association of Australia, Queensland Branch Act 1975 was an Act by the Legislative Assembly of Queensland. This Act made provisions for the vesting of property and related purposes in the Corporation styled “The Scout Association of Australia, Queensland Branch”.


Scouting in Queensland is divided into regions:-


The Baden-Powell Heritage Centre located at Samford and the Heritage Archival Reference Centre at Auchenflower hold heritage material on Scouting in Queensland and help Scouts with the Heritage Badge.

The Baden-Powell Guild also operates in Queensland and has many Sub-Branches and Members.

There is a Scout Air Activities Centre at Archerfield, Brisbane.

Web Access Made Easy has been recently founded by Scouts Queensland to be an internet service provider in Queensland and to support the Branch.

The Scout Supply Centre is a Scout Shop in Auchenflower, Brisbane, for the provision of Scout uniforms, badges, books etc.

There has been a Brisbane Gang Show since 1953. At 53 years old, it is currently one of the five oldest Gang shows in the World.

VenMX is a scouting competition hike open to all Scouts and Guides between the ages of 14 and 18. It is held on the Queensland Labourday long week end each year. Its location is kept a secret and participants are dropped off to the location and handed their maps.[3]


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