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Scouts Australia
Scouts Australia
Scouts Australia Logo
Country Australia
Founded 1908
Founder Robert Baden-Powell
Membership 84 000 [1]
Chief Scout Michael Jeffery, Governor General of Australia[2]

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Cub Scouts is the section of Scouts Australia for boys and girls aged 8 - 10 1/2. They join what is called a pack, made up of no more than 20 children.

The cub scout section is largely based around the Jungle Book story. Leaders are usually given names based on characters from the story, such as Bageera, or Baloo.

Pack organisation

The cub pack is comprosed usually of two leaders, and three to five sixes. The leader of a six is called a sixer, a cub usually of ten years of age. Second in command of a six is a second. Each week the sixes take turns to be in charge of some of the packs activities, such as selecting some of the games to play, and taking charge of the parade.



There are three levels of boomerangs - the bronze, silver and gold boomerangs. These boomerangs are obtained by completing mandatory sections in the Cub Scout Handbook, and a selection of elective activities. As a general guideline, the bronze boomerang is completed by cubs of eight years of age, the silver by cubs nine years of age, and the gold by cubs 10 years of age.

Grey Wolf Award

Formerly called the Yellow Cord, this is the highest level badge a Cub can earn, and is akin to the Australian Scout Medallion for Scouts, Queen Scout Award for Venturers, or Baden Powell Scout Award for Rovers. The content for this badge is based around leadership of the cub pack as a sixer or second, and the transition phase to becoming a scout.

It involves being awarded the gold boomerang, completing a Cub Leadership Award and appointment by the pack council.

The badge consists of a wolf's head superimposed on an orange and blue boarded diamond, and is placed on the left sleeve on the uniform.

The Grey Wolf Award may be worn in place of the scout medallion until the scout achieves their Pioneer Badge. Cubs that achieve the Grey Wolf may be able to rise to scouts before age 10 and a half, if their troop council sees fit.

Special Badges

There are other badges a cub can earn, such as the Landcare Badge, and the Foreign Language Badge.


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