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Australian Rover Moots are the major national event run by Australian Rovers who are part of Scouts Australia.

What is a Moot?

A Moot (Template:IPAEng) is a gathering of Rovers (sometimes called Rover Scouts). It was named by Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scouting Movement in a letter to Percy Bantock Nevill who was charged with co-ordinating a gathering of Rovers at Royal Albert Hall, London in 1926. The word "Moot" is in fact an Old English word meaning assembly or gathering. The first World Rover Moot was held in 1931 at Kandersteg, Switzerland

Australian National Rover Moots

Australian national Rover Moots are held every three years, typically lasting from 9 to 11 days each, and are run by each branch - on a rotating basis. Past Australian Rover Moots (including Moots that have also held status as Asia-Pacific Region Moots) include:

  • Jubilee Moot (1st Australian Rover Moot) - Oatley Park, Sydney (NSW) - December 1951~January 1952
  • 2nd Australian Rover Moot - Warburton (Vic) - December 1957~January 1958
  • 3rd Australian Rover Moot - Barney Gorge (Qld) - December 1959~January 1960
  • 4th Australian Rover Moot - Springbrook/Lamington (Qld) - December 1969~January 1970
  • 5th Australian Rover Moot - Perth (WA) - December 1971~January 1972
  • 6th Australian Rover Moot - Sydney (NSW) - December 1974~January 1975
  • 1st Asia-Pacific/7th Australian Rover Moot - Yabamac (Vic) - December 1977~January 1978
  • 2nd Asia-Pacific/8th Australian Rover Moot - B-P Park, Samford (Qld) - December 1980~January 1981
  • 4th Asia-Pacific/9th Australian Rover Moot - Gowrie Park (Tas) - December 1983~January 1984
  • 10th Australian (World Invitational) Rover Moot - Woodhouse (SA) - December 1986~January 1987
  • 6th Asia-Pacific/11th Australian Rover Moot - Camp Cotter, Canberra (ACT) - December 1989~January 1990
  • 7th Asia-Pacific/12th Australian Rover Moot - Woodman Point, Perth (WA) - December 1992~January 1993
  • 8th Asia-Pacific/13th Australian Rover Moot - Cataract Scout Park, Sydney (NSW) - December 1995~January 1996
  • 10th Asia-Pacific/14th Australian Rover Moot - Mafeking Rover Park, Yea (Vic) - December 1998~January 1999
  • 12th Asia-Pacific/15th Australian Rover Moot - Landsborough (Qld) - December 2001~January 2002
  • 16th Australian Rover Moot - Lake Barrington (Tas) - December 2004~January 2005

Aussiemoot 2008

The 17th Australian Rover Moot, known as Aussiemoot, will be held from the 30th of December 2007 to the 12th of January 2008 at Cataract Scout Park in Sydney.

Moot Programme

Aussiemoot will feature a 14 day long programme including a five day long Expedition period. This will give participants an opportunity to see parts of New South Wales. There will also be Onsite and Offsite activities and a service component.

Moot Motto

Aussiemoot's slogan is "endless opportunities"

Moot Mascot

The Aussiemoot Mascot is Duncan the Koala. Duncan is quite a calm customer, who is very coolly dressed, always wearing sunglasses, even at night time. Like most Koalas, he sleeps up to 23 hours of every day.

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