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The Queen's Scout or King's Scout Award is the highest youth award achievable in the Scouting movement in several countries. It is awarded in Commonwealth countries, including the United Kingdom and Australia, where the Scouts operate under the ceremonial leadership of the monarch.

The Queen's Scout Award is actually conferred by the monarch via Royal Warrant; you are not awarded the Queen's Scout Award, rather you become one. The requirements are different in each country but typically involve achieving challenges from several areas such as community involvement, adventurous activities, personal growth and leadership development. Whether the award is a Queen's or King's Scout Award depends on who is the current monarch. In 1909, King Edward VII granted the award of the King's Scout Badge as the highest achievement award for Boy Scouts on the recommendation of Robert Baden-Powell, the Movement Founder and Chief Scout of the World. After the establishment of the Senior Scout section in 1946, the King's Scout Badge was no longer allowed to be attained by the Boy Scouts section and became a sole privilege of the Senior Scouts (or Boy Scouts over 15). After Queen Elizabeth II succeeded the throne from her father King George VI in 1952, the badge was renamed the Queen's Scout Badge in 1953, and became the Queen's Scout Award in 1968. Prior to 1968, a Rover Scout who had gained the Queen's Scout Badge was allowed to wear a miniature replica of the badge on his left arm sleeve before he gained the Baden-Powell's Award.[1]

United Kingdom

The current badge of the UK Queen's Scout Award, as worn on the uniform of award recipients

The Queen's Scout Award in the United Kingdom is the ultimate goal of a progressive award scheme and is achieved by completing the following requirements through The Scout Association:

  • Be a member of Explorer Scouts or the Scout Network or both for at least 18 months.
  • Complete 18 nights away as an Explorer Scout or member of the Scout Network, of which 12 must be camping.
  • Complete two activities from a list of International, Environment and Values activities.
  • Hold the Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award, or complete the five Queen's Scout Award Challenges, which are:
    • Take up a Skill for 6 or 12 months, and show progress and lasting interest.
    • Take up a Physical Activity for 6 or 12 months.
    • Provide Service to an individual or the community for 12 months.
    • Plan, complete and review a four day and three night expedition in open or adventurous country by foot, cycle, horse, canoe, boat or dinghy.
    • Complete a five day and four night residential project in an unfamiliar environment with people who are not known.
  • Following completion of the first four elements of the Award, make a presentation, to a suitable audience, of your achievements so far in working towards the Queen's Scout Award.

All Members should complete twelve months of either the Physical Activity or the Skill.

Explorer Scouts and members of the Scout Network who are not holders of the Duke of Edinburgh's Silver Award or the Chief Scout's Diamond Award must complete an extra six months in either the Service or the longer of the Skills or Physical Recreation Challenge.[2]

Queen's Scouts are entitled to attend one Queen's Scout Parade held at Windsor Castle each year held on the Sunday after St George's Day; this is the only time when Scouts officially march.


Queen's Scout Badge as worn by Australian recipients of the Award

The Award Scheme is designed for Venturer Scouts. Its aim is to widen the interests and knowledge of Venturer Scouts. Its rationale is based on the aim and methods of Scouting allowing fun, variety, personal choice and to assist in planning for a balanced program. It is a system designed to be challenging and encouraging for people over a wide range of activities.

The Venturing Skills Award requires the participation of the Venturer Scout in a number of activities which will enhance their participation in the unit activities.

The Queen's Scout Award has four main areas, listed below. These are made up of different badges, which require different levels of approval before starting, as described by the key: u=unit/Venturer's own group, z=Venturer's zone/region members, e=examiner required

Community Involvement (min 70 hours)

Citizenship- complete any four, approved by Unit Council
dfg (four community activities for 10hrs, u)
20 hours work on the environment and a report, approved by District or Zone Council
First Aid
Complete a first aid course of at least 10 hours, approved by Unit Council
Alternative One
20 hours in Scouting (D/ZVC approved with an examiner) and 10 hours outside (Unit Council approved with an examiner)
Alternative Two
20 hours outside of Scouting (D/ZVC approved with an examiner) and 10 hours inside (Unit Council approved with an examiner)

Adventureous Activities

Complete an Initiative course
Expedition 1
Plan and lead a hike/canoe trip/bus trip/bike ride of at least two days. Approved by Unit Council with an examiner
Outdoor 1
Take part in an outdoor activity (rock climbing, caving, abseiling, cycling, diving etc.) over three months. approved by Unit Council with an examiner.
Expedition 2
Plan and lead a hike/canoe trip/bus trip/bike ride of at least four days. Approved by D/ZVC with an examiner
Outdoor 2
Take part in an outdoor activity (rock climbing, caving, abseiling, cycling, diving etc.) over six months. approved by D/ZVC with an examiner.

Personal Growth

Expression1 (10he z and e)
Pursuits1 (10hr z and e)
Lifestyle (10he z, e and info
Ideals (3 activities at 10hr, u)

You are then required to do one of the following Personal Growth badges again accepted at 30 hours. This may be the same activity but you still need to do the first one (so 10hr +30hrs= 40);. The only change is that ideals 2 you will have to do four activities.

Leadership Development

Unit Management Course (8hrs +6 prac, u)
Leadership Course (16hr +10 prac, u)
Vocations (25- create resume, present and a report)

Note: These badges have been quickly summarized . For more Info refer to the Australian Scout Association Website or purchase/look at the Venturer Scout Passport (Now known as the Venturer Scout Record Book).

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