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Corpo Nacional de Escutas da Guiné-Bissau

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Corpo Nacional de Escutas da Guiné-Bissau
Country Guinea-Bissau
Founded November 25 1966
Membership 1,500

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Guinea-Bissauan Scout postage stamp from 2003

The Corpo Nacional de Escutas da Guiné-Bissau (CNE-GB; roughly National Scout Corps of Guinea-Bissau) is the national Scouting organization of Guinea-Bissau. Guinea-Bissau is one of 29 countries where Scouting exists but there is no National Scout Organization which is a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement at the present time.[1]

The co-educational association serves about 1,500 members.[2] It is a member of the Comunidade do Escutismo Lusófono (Community of Lusophone Scouting). The national campsite is situated at Quinhámel.[3]

The CNE-GB was founded on November 25 1966;[2] after 1974 it was replaced by the Juventude Africano Amílcar Cabral. Scouting was one of several youth organizations made legal for free association by the constitution of 1991.[4]


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