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Logo of the Tanzania Scouts Association

The Tanzania Scouts Association (TSA) is the national Scouting organization of Tanzania. Scouting in Tanzania was founded in 1919, and became a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) in 1963. The coeducational association has 89,907 members as of 2004.


Scouting in present Tanzania started in Zanzibar in 1919 and in mainland Tanganyika in 1921. The TSA became a member of WOSM in 1963.

In 1984, Tanzania hosted the 6th Africa Region Scout Conference.

The Swedish Nykterhetsrörelsens Scoutförbund supported the TSA for some years, but withdraw its funding in 2005 because of accusations of fraud against TSA officials. In January 2006 two TSA officials were accused of people trafficking.


Besides the traditional Scouting program, TSA is deeply involved in community development and has special programs for the prevention of AIDS.

The association is divided in four age groups:

  • Kabu - Cub Scouts (ages 5 to 10)
  • Junia - Junior Scouts (ages 11 to 15)
  • Sinia - Senior Scouts (ages 16 to 20)
  • Rova - Rover Scouts (ages 21 to 35)

The aim of Scouting in Tanzania is to develop the spirit of Ujaama and self-reliance. The word Ujaama refers to the concept of family ties within the social order. The program emphasizes learning by doing, community development, and nature conservation, particularly in rural areas.

The badge system is entirely adapted to the interests and needs of Tanzanian Scouts. The highest rank is the President's Scout.

There is active cooperation between Scouts and Girl Guides and with other youth organizations in celebrating national festivals, rendering services in villages and occasionally in courses, seminars and training camps. Scouts and Girl Guides often work together in community development projects, which are frequently supported by Scout organizations from other countries. One such project, with support from Norway, is establishing small rural industries and providing agricultural training.

Scout Motto

Uwe Tayari, Be Prepared in Swahili

Scout Oath

Naahidi kwamba Nitajitahidi kutimiza wajibu wangu kwa Mungu na Taifa langu, kuwasaidia watu kila siku, na kutimiza Kanuni za Skauti.

On my honour I promise that I will do my best, to do my duty to God and to my nation; to help other people at all times and to keep the Scout Law.

Scout Law

  • Skauti ni mwaminifu
  • Skauti ni mzalendo kamili
  • Skauti ni mtu wa kuwa faa wengine pia
  • Skauti ni rafiki kwa wote na ndugu kwa kila Skauti
  • Skauti ni mwenye adabu kamili
  • Skauti ni mwenye huruma kwa viumbe
  • Skauti ni mtiifu
  • Skauti ni mchangamfu daima
  • Skauti ni mwangalifu wa mali
  • Skauti ni safi katika mawazo, maneno, na matendo yake
  • A Scout is trustworthy
  • A Scout is loyal to his nation
  • A Scout is helpful to others
  • A Scout is friendly to all and a brother to every Scout
  • A Scout is courteous
  • A Scout is kind to all creatures
  • A Scout is obedient to his leaders
  • A Scout is always cheerful
  • A Scout is thrifty
  • A Scout is clean in word and deed

Camping and training grounds

Bahati Camp in Morogoro, 150 kilometers from Dar-es-Salaam, is the national training and camping grounds. The camp has some basic training and camping facilities, situated in a beautiful site between two rivers. The Association has other district camps, which are not developed. The Association is involved in various community development programs.

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