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Membership badge of the Bangladesh Scouts

The Bangladesh Scouts are the national Scouting organization of Bangladesh. Scouting was founded in Bangladesh as part of the British Indian branch of The Scout Association, and continued as part of the Pakistan Boy Scouts Association until the country's divided sections split in 1971 during the Bangladesh Liberation War. Following its independence, Bangladesh became an independent member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement in 1974. The organization has 721,635 members as of 2004.

During the Bangladesh Liberation War, in April 1971, members of the Bangladesh Boy Scout Association volunteered to carry the mail from the Bangladesh Army field post offices to the nearest Post Office in India. [1]

Scouting has grown over the years in the face of considerable difficulties. Scouts are involved in community service, major areas being agriculture, health and sanitation, child welfare, community development, construction and repair of low cost housing and sports.

During national disasters, such as the many floods that strike Bangladesh, Scouts are called to help with flood control, relocation of citizens and organizing shelters.

Membership is open to youth between 6 and 25 years of age, regardless of caste, creed or color. The Scouts receive strong support from the government, which recognized Scouting's value in citizenship training.




On my honour, I promise that I will do my best to do my duty
- To God and my country,
- To help other people at all times and
- To obey the Scout Law.


1. A Scout's honour is to be trusted.
2. A Scout is a friend to all.
3. A Scout is courteous and obedient.
4. A Scout is kind to animals.
5. A Scout is cheerful at all times.
6. A Scout is thrifty.
7. A Scout is clean in thought,word and deed.


The Scout Motto is Sebar jannoa sada prastut thakte jathasadhya chesta kara, meaning "Do your best to be prepared for service."

International Scouting units in Bangladesh

In addition, there are American Boy Scouts in Dhaka, linked to the Direct Service branch of the Boy Scouts of America, which supports units around the world.

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