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There are few reasons why we should have ScoutWiki and why Wikipedia is not so good for scouts. ScoutWiki is not trying to copy or compete with Wikipedia, they are just different tools for different purposes.

1. Context

Wikipedia is huge and great encyclopaedia. But it's quite hard to find articles considering Scouting. Example there is lot of information about Campaign hat, but in it just little bit information about Scouting Hat. And the article is called "Campaign hat". In ScoutWiki, we can call it directly "Scout Hat". We can have picture of Robert Baden-Powell with Scout hat, rather than have military sergeant with Campaign hat.


In Wikipedia, they try to write articles with Neutral point of view and in ScoutWiki we can write articles in Neutral Scouting Point Of View. For example in Finnish language reef knot is called reivisolmu, but inside Scouting the knot is known as merimiessolmu (Sailor's knot). So by NPOV the correct term for that knot would be reivisolmu but by NSPOV correct article is called fi:Merimiessolmu.

3. What is significant enough?

Wikipedia, which is encyclopaedia for everything, it's critical to have rules of what thing are significant enough to have their own articles. By default, local groups are not significant enough. In ScoutWiki, we can tell our local troops.

And in article saw, you wouldn't probably be able to tell "How to carry saw in your backpack" in Wikipedia, but it's just right kind of information to ScoutWiki.