World Camp (Guiding)

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World Camp
World Camp
Country various (list below)
Date 1924 onwards

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There have been several World Camps held by the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, first held in 1924. Organized by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, unlike World Scout Jamborees, World Camps are not named with an ordinal number, nor is there an attempt to hold them at regular intervals.

Foxlease, 1924

The first World Camp was held at Foxlease in 1924, from July 16 to 24, at the same time as the Third International Conference. Olave Baden-Powell and Olivia Burges formulated the idea in September 1923, during the latter's stay at Pax Hill. The original invitation was for six Guides and one Guider from each country where there were Guides. However, this was modified to accommodate those who were willing and able to send more. In total 1100 girls and women attended, 600 of which were from overseas. Forty countries were represented.

Camp Edith Macy, 1926

The second World Camp was held at Camp Edith Macy in May 1926 in New York, USA.

Pax Ting, 1939

Pax Ting was the first World Camp held after the formation of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) in 1930. The camp was held in Gödöllő, Hungary from 25 July to 7 August 1939, and attended by some 5,800 Girl Guides from around the world.

Camp Barree 1947 or 1948

Camp Barree in Pennsylvania, 2 week encampment.

Centenary of the Founder's Birth, 1957

At the 15th World Conference of WAGGGS it was decided to mark the centenary of the birth of Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Guiding, by holding a World Camp with four locations. These were Canada, the Philippines, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

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