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Template:Scouting Sections

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This template can be used for all Scouting and Guiding organizations at the bottom of articles on the organization or sections within the organization.


{{Scouting Sections
| organization = Scout or Guide organization
| sectionA = most junior section (defaults to Scout)
| imageA = logo for section (optional) (displays 60px image)
| sectionB = junior section (optional)
| imageB = logo for section (optional) (displays 60px image)
| sectionC = middle section (optional)
| imageC = logo for section (optional) (displays 60px image)
| sectionD = senior section (optional)
| imageD = logo for section (optional) (displays 60px image)
| sectionE = most senior section
| imageE = logo for section (optional) (displays 60px image)


{{Scouting Sections
| organization = [[The Scout Association]]
| sectionA = [[Beaver Scouts]]
| imageA = Scouts-uk-beaver-logo.gif
| sectionB = [[Cub Section (UK)|Cub Scouts]]
| imageB = Uk-scouts-cu-cl-pos.gif
| sectionC = [[Scout Section (UK)|Scouts]]
| imageC = Uk-scouts-sc-cl-pos.gif
| sectionD = [[Explorer Scouts]]
| imageD = Uk-scouts-ex-cs-pos.gif
| sectionE = [[Scout Network]]
| imageE = Uk-scouts-sn-cl-pos.gif


Image use

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