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Cub Scouts
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Organization: The Scout Association
Country: United Kingdom
Age Range: 8 to 10.5 yrs
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The Cub Section (often shortened to Cubs) is a section of the UK Scout Association open to 8-10½ year olds.

This section follows on from the Beaver Colony (6-8 year olds) and Cubs will move onto the Scout Troop at the age of 10½.

The section originally opened as Wolf Cubs in 1916. A series of special events and camps were held in 2006 to celebrate its 90th birthday.


The Cub Pack forms the middle section of Scout Groups and is the second oldest section.

Most Groups will have one Pack, while some others may be able to support two or even more, depending on the numbers of Scouts within the Group. This is quite rare, as new Groups would be created in areas of large Scouting populations.

Cub Packs have an adult leadership team consisting of a warranted Cub Scout Leader (CSL), some warranted assistant leaders (ACSL) and there may also be Pack Helpers who are unwarranted and often parents who help on a semi-regular basis. They can also be supported by Young Leaders. All the warranted leaders are given names from The Jungle Book - the CSL is normally given the name Akela and popular names for the ACSLs include Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa, Raksha, Chil and Rama.

The Cubs within the Pack are separated into Sixes, ideally of 5-7 members, with a Sixer and a Seconder.


The Scout Membership Award

The Membership Award is only actually received by young people new to Scouting, whereas those members who have joined from a Beaver Colony will undertake the Moving-On Award.

However, the Awards cover the same basic principles, and many Packs will have all new Cubs participate in the Membership Award, regardless of how they came to join the Section.

Chief Scout Silver Award

Progressive Awards

Cubs continue the Scouting programme of Progressive Awards. The requirements of each stage become more challenging, reflecting the age and abilities of the young people undertaking the Awards.

Cubs are offered the Chief Scout's Silver Award as their section of the Awards programme.

Promise & Law

The Cub Scout promise is very similar to the Scout promise, however a few words have been simplified:

I promise that I will do my best,
to do my duty to God and to the Queen,
to help other people
and to keep the Cub Scout Law.

The Cub Scout Law

Cub Scouts always do their best
think of others before themselves
and do a good turn everyday.

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