Sangam World Centre

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Sangam World Centre
Sangam World Centre
Location Mula River, Pune
Country India
Founded 1966

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Sangam World Centre (Devanāgarī: संगम) is one of the four meeting centers of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).


The Center Sangam is situated on the banks of the Mula River in Pune, 190 km (120 m) from Mumbai, in the state of Maharashtra, India.


The Center was created as a World Center of WAGGGS (The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) in 1966. The word Sangam means ‘coming together’ in the ancient language of Sanskrit.

The source of the idea to build a world centre in the WAGGGS-Asia Pacific Region began life as an idea from the WAGGGS International Commissioners' meeting held in New Delhi in 1956. India was selected over bids from Australia, The Philippines and Pakistan as 7.75 acres (31,400 m2) of land was generously donated to the WAGGGS by the Government of Maharashtra. The World Conference held in 1963 approved the project and later that year an appeal was sent out to WAGGGS member countries to raise funds for the cost of construction.

The center was designed by the Bombay architectural firm Messrs Mody and Colgan and the construction was supervised by Mrs. Lakhshmi Mazumdar, the National Commissioner of the Indian WAGGGS Member Organization Bharat Scouts and Guides. On 16 October 1966 The World Chief Guide, Lady Olave Baden-Powell, inaugurated the center.

Over time, Sangam has grown and changed with the times as new amenities, buildings and modern equipment have been added.


As well as all World Centers is the program adapted to the needs of Girl Guides and Scouts. The basic idea was to provide a basis for a safe, neutral place for members of Guiding and Scouting to come together to share their experiences as well as the culture and traditions of their homelands and member organisations. Sangam events allow participants to explore India by meeting Sangam’s neighbours, visiting community projects and places of interest, and shopping in the colourful markets of Pune. The events are focus on United Nations’ issues and WAGGGS Goals.

Accommodation is available for Girl Guides/Scouts and their families.

Three other WAGGGS World Centers are Our Chalet in Switzerland, Our Cabaña in Mexico, and Pax Lodge in England.

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