Eagle Scout (Boy Scouts of the Philippines)

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Eagle Scout (BSP)
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Eagle Scout is the highest rank awarded to a Boy Scout or a Senior Scout in the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP). To be awarded the rank, a Scout must lead in planning and doing two community service projects and earn a total of 21 merit badges consisting of 15 required merit badges and 2 specialist ratings (a specialist rating involves 3 related merit badges and a community service project). After achieving the rank of Eagle, a Scout may earn an Anahaw award for earning 2 additional specialist ratings.

The term Eagle Scout is used to refer to a person who was given the award. The award's name was derived from the Eagle Scout awarded by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). From 1923 to 1936, the BSA administered the Boy Scouts program in the Philippines through the Philippine Council, BSA.

The BSP's highest rank went through a number of name and requirement changes through the years after the Philippines gained its independence from the United States of America.

  • Eagle Scout (1936-1962)
  • José Rizal Scout (1962-1976)
  • Scout Citizen Award (1976-1994)
  • Eagle Scout (1994-Present)

All awardees are automatically given membership into the Eagle Scout Association of the Philippines, the fellowship and service association of all Eagle Scouts from the BSP and from the BSA having Filipino lineage and/or nationality.

Awards similar to Eagle Scout

The Eagle Scout is comparable to the highest awards in other Scouting organizations. Although comparable, the highest awards in other BSP programs are not regarded with the same level of prestige within Philippine Scouting.

In other BSP programs

  • Leaping Usa, KAB Scouts
  • Chief Scout's Rover, Rover Scouts

In other Scouting organizations

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