Ten Commandments Hike

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Ten Commandments Hike is a popular scouting activity of the Duty to God Adventure category where it's primary importance is to teach youth about the meaning of Duty to God in the Scout Oath. It is most frequently organized at the district level.

Activity Overview

This activity is usually based around a Saturday day-hike of about 2-5 miles long through the town center. This event somewhat resembles a parade, so bring your troop colors. The highlight of the event is to stop at several churches of various denominations. At each stop the pastor of that church gives the youth an explanation about one of more of the Biblical Ten Commandments, and then a brief overview/history of his religion.

Community Relations

This activity is very effective in building community relations and inter-faith cooperation and unity. It can also have a positive impact on encouraging churches to become charter partners of the scouting program.

Sample Activities