Fiador knot

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Fiador knot
Names Fiador knot, Theodore knot
Category loop
Related Bottle sling
Typical use Makeshift halters, hackamores, and hobbles
ABoK #1110

The Fiador knot (also Theodore knot) is a knot used in equine applications for creating such useful items as rope halters, hackamores and hobbles. This knot permits double loops to come out the center of one side and a single loop and two loose ends to come out the center of the other side of this attractive symmetrical knot. For a rope halter, the two loose ends are continued into a series of double overhand knots at appropriate intervals for the particular size of the horse's head.

For the set of hobbles, a brass ring is attached to the double loops on one side of the knot to join the hobble for the horse's other front foot. On the other side, a diamond knot terminates the two loose ends and the single loop is placed over this to encircle the horse's fetlock. A small rope slide (melted with a solder iron) on this single loop is pushed against the diamond knot to prevent the loop from slipping off the foot.

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