Duty to God (Latter-day Saints)

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Duty to God Award honor is presented to young men who participate and excel in their duties in the Aaronic Priesthood within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). The Duty to God program for young men is roughly equivalent to the Personal Progress program for young women in the LDS Church. Its purpose is to teach the young men the principles of the Scout Oath and Law.

2020 Revision

The LDS Church has announced that this award will be significantly modified after the new world youth program is released at the beginning of the year 2020.

Award History

Prior to 2002, the award was presented to young male LDS Church members in recognition of their fulfillment of religious duties. The concept of the current award was first introduced by F. Melvin Hammond at the church's October 2001 general conference. "Young men who have achieved this new Duty to God Award will be better prepared than ever to go to the temple, serve missions, marry in the temple and become good husbands and fathers," said Hammond in announcing the program. "They will be better prepared to serve their families, their Church and their community."

2010 Award requirements

The current award program officially began in January 2002 and was revised in 2010. Aaronic Priesthood candidates qualify for the Duty to God Award after completing specific requirements regarding priesthood duties. These were defined as involvement in family activities, participation in the church’s quorum activities, the successful completion of a Duty to God service project, and reaching personal goals relating to education, spiritual and physical development, and social interactions. Youth have until 31-Dec-2019 to complete these.

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