Benefits of Scouting

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The benefits of Scouting are many. Why Scouting helps youth:

Top Benefits of Scouting for Youth

  1. Learn Independence: Youth learn how to live independently. [1]
  2. Clean Air Exposure Lowers Health Risks USFS Study shows that prolonged exposure to clean air on outdoor camping trips increases your health levels. [2]
  3. Nature Appreciation Learning how to enjoy time spent in the outdoors will encourage youth to spend more time in clean air environments. [1]
  4. Mental Fitness Scouting activities include a great variety of problem solving activities. [1]
  5. Cardiovascular Exercise Common benefits of doing scout treks such as backpacking, cycling, etc. [1]

Benefits of Duty to God Program

2018 Harvard Study

  • 2018 Harvard Study has shown that youths who regularly attend religious services, pray or meditate may get a well-being boost that sticks around into young adulthood.[3] The study, by VanderWeele and Harvard research scientist Ying Chen, is published in the American Journal of Epidemiology. (See also Duty to God.)

Among the findings, youths who attended religious services at least weekly as children and adolescents were:

  • About 18 percent more apt to report higher happiness between ages 23-30 than those who didn't
  • 29 percent more likely to be volunteers
  • 33 percent less likely to use illegal drugs

Those who prayed or meditated at least daily as kids were, as young adults:

  • 16 percent more likely to report higher happiness
  • 30 percent less likely to have sex at a young age
  • 40 percent less likely to have a sexually transmitted disease

Scout Leader Quotes

Founder of scouting, Robert Baden-Powell, made many remarkable observations about the benefits of scouting:
  1. " A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room. ” — Robert Baden-Powell


HealthFitness Revolution

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