Modern Youth Terminology

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There seems to be a lot of confusion in Scouting circles over the rise of modern activities and outdoor pursuits and their new terms and also how we can incorporate these new-fangled ideas into our programme so that we can stay relevant in the modern age. Parents are rapidly becoming aware that young people need more than just school education and so are looking at extra-curricular education providers (usually at a very high price) to develop an ever-growing list of complex sounding skills abilities and characteristics.

All these terms have been taken from websites and/or brochures from companies specialising in non-traditional education and training.


  • Team building:- Being in Scouts
  • Social bonding session:- Being in Scouts
  • Socialisation of peer groups:- The patrol system
  • Peer instruction and leadership:- The patrol leader council
  • Peer management:- The patrol system
  • Peer-led adventure:- Get the PL to run the activity
  • Peer-led social bonding:- The patrol goes bowling
  • Peer education:- Get the PL to teach them
  • Unstructured play:- Free time at camp
  • Introducing personal risk awareness and personal risk management:- Being in Scouts
  • Developing a growing awareness of risk in activities:- Knife, Axe and Saw or just about any activity.
  • Building character through volunteering:- The Service bit of any of the award scheme levels.
  • Helping personal development via a managed and manageable system of escalating personal challenges:- * Being in scouting from Beaver to Network and doing just about anything.
  • Back to Nature holidays:- Camping
  • Wild Experience weekends:- Camping
  • Survival weekend:- Camping / Wilderness Survival
  • Eco-holidays:- Camping
  • Minimal impact vacation:- Camping / Leave No Trace
  • Peer-group living:- Camping in Patrols
  • Forest Bathing:- Camping in trees
  • Glamping:- Camping with electric lights
  • Extreme survival weekend:- Camping under a tarp

Ultimate survival weekend:- Camping under a tarp out of phone range Zombie survival weekend:- Camping when some idiot forgot to bring the coffee Transitioning from family unit control to self-control:- A young person going camping and getting the help to get over homesickness. Transitioning from external actualisation to self actualisation:- Being at camp and realising that you have to do it yourself. Barbecue:- Cooking at camp Live flame cookery:- Cooking at camp Pyro-Gastronomy:- Cooking at camp Developing skills in nutrition and diet:- "Explorers. You're sorting the food for the camp." Developing skills in planning and organisation:- “Get the gear sorted for the camp” Developing project and people management skills:- “PL, Get the tents up and campsite sorted. Give me a shout if you need some advice.” Wild Swimming:- Having a swim at camp Open water bathing:- Having a swim at camp

How to incorporate into our programme: We've been doing it since 1907.