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User talk:Florian

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Salut Florian,

bravo pour tout le boulot que tu abats ici, il y en a bien besoin. Petite remarque technique à propos des portails : les pages incluses doivent être de la forme Portal:Scouting Method/Fundamental Scouting, ce qui leur permet de faire partie de l'espace de nom portal et d'être des sous-pages du portail concerné. Pour ce faire, il suffit de mettre, lors de la création de la page de portail :

|title= Fundamental Scouting
|part=Portal:Scouting Method/Fundamental Scouting

au lieu de :


title= Fundamental Scouting| part=Template:Portal Method/Fundamental Scouting|


C'est plus propre et ça permet de mieux fonctionner, notamment avec les boutons d'édition en haut à droite des cadres.

Je me suis permis de demander ton adresse MSN à Cédric pour qu'on puisse discuter de tout ça (voire d'autres choses) en direct s'il y a besoin.

FSS Akela - yaw yaoooo ! 14:11, 22 August 2007 (CEST)

Don't forget ScoutMedia

Hi Florian,

I see you are uploading pictures on this wiki. Don't forget that we have a common repository here:

If you upload a picture there, it will be available on each scoutwiki. Feel free to move a picture from scoutopedia from scoutmedia.

Cedsib 14:36, 23 August 2007 (CEST)

Question for all administrators on

Currently, Egel and I are active with cleaning up the English ScoutWiki, aiming on:

  • making it a better example for the other language ScoutWiki's
  • making it a useful intermediate for exchange of information between other languages

However: there are a few quite disturbing issues on which we need the help of one administrator, because we can nog deal with them ourselves:

  • The main page is ugly, because the dynamic items are not updated regularly: I suggest putting this new idea or this old concept on the main page instead.
  • There are many candidates for speedy deletion
  • Of the EIGHT administrators, no one seems to have time to check regularly to see if help is needed.

Can one of you come by and be a bit active again? Or otherwise give me or Egel administrator rights for this English version of the scoutwiki? In that case, we can do all the cleaning up ourselves. Sietske 09:27, 13 December 2009 (UTC)


Nice looking portal, that one about organisations! I didn't know it existed. I have placed it back on the main page. Regards, Sietske 15:48, 12 February 2010 (UTC)


The mediawiki-installation on EN is broken, for instance the css is not working right. --Egel 15:23, 2 April 2010 (UTC)