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Welcome to the English language ScoutWiki. ScoutWiki is a free encyclopaedia which consists of Scouting and Guiding related articles. Anyone can participate by creating a new page or by editing an existing article. The English version of ScoutWiki currently has 3,774 articles in English. However, most of these articles could use some improvement, as compared to (e.g.) the Finnish, the French and the Dutch ScoutWiki's. To make this wiki a useful tool for scouts all over the world, your help is desired! Can we count on you?

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The world's oldest (still existing) student scouting group can be found in the Dutch city of Delft. It is Studentenstam De Delftsche Zwervers (Delft Rovers Student crew). Originally in 1915, it was founded as a club for former Scouts, but from 1920 it functions as a Rover crew. They are housed in the Scout Centre "Kruithuis", the monumental gunpowder ammunition dump of the Dutch Republic, designed in 1660 by Pieter Post. The members are students at the Delft University of Technology and other higher education institutions.

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