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Hi DigitalScout!

Welcome to the English language ScoutWiki, a part of the international ScoutWiki Network! You can add anything there is to know about and in scouting: history, groups, cool games, great camp sites, international events everyone should attend once in their lifetime, tips and tricks for scout leaders, etcetera etcetera. To assist you in contributing to this wiki, here are a few directions:

  • Basic information for starters can be found on the help page
  • More information for contributors you can find in the community portal
  • Do you experience difficulties? Ask your question to me on my talk page, or to the community on the Camp Fire.
  • Do you like to contribute, but you don't know about what? Be inspired!

Can we count on you?

Sietske 14:53, 21 January 2010 (UTC)


Hi DigitalScout!

Welcome to scoutwiki! I saw your contributions on Hiking. Thanks for that! It inspired me to add some information from Dutch Scoutwiki about creating a successful hike during a camp. Feel free to add more to the article, or scoutwikify it a bit more!

Regards, Sietske 14:53, 21 January 2010 (UTC)