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Taleka Lodge is a Lodge in the Order of the Arrow in the Boy Scouts of America serving the Okaw Valley Council in Illinois. They can be found online at http://www.taleka81.org/

Taleka History

Today's Taleka Lodge 81 is the result of the merger of two lodges in the late 1960's. Mannaseh Lodge 81 and Cascasquia Lodge 115 were joined together as one lodge in 1966.

The name Taleka comes from the Lenni Lenape language and means 'great white egret.' The totem or symbol of Taleka Lodge is the Egret.

Taleka Lodge 81 is one of six other lodges that make up Section C5C. A section is a grouping that is smaller than a Regional level, but larger than one single council/lodge.

Taleka Activities

Every year, Taleka Lodge hosts several events aimed at promoting brotherhood and service. Weekend camping events include the Fall Fellowship held in late August, and the Spring Fellowship held in mid-April. The second weekend in January is the annual Winter Banquet, a social dinner and silent auction.

At the council summer camp each summer, the lodge provides a Brotherhood class in which members fulfilling requirements can seal their membership within the lodge. Also at the camp, the lodge ceremonies team conducts the 'call out' to symbolicly recognize new candidates into the lodge.

Taleka Membership

Currently, Taleka Lodge holds an approximate 400 registered members. This number is an increase from many previous years of around 300 members.

As with the normal Council members of the BSA, the OA members are divided into small groups known as Chapters. There are 4 separate chapters corresponding to the districts within the council.


    • Saint Clair Chapter
    • Kaskaskia Chapter also spelled Cascasquia.
    • Black Gold Chapter
    • Crooked Creek Chapter

Taleka Leadership

Taleka Lodge's leadership comes in several forms. First, the general membership votes annually on certain matters as well as electing the lodge officers.

Lodge officers are the Lodge Chief, Lodge Vice-Chief of Program (VCP), Lodge Vice-Chief of Administration (VCA), Lodge Secretary, and Lodge Treasurer. Each of these positions is fulfilled by a Youth (under the age of 21) member of the lodge. Other positions of leadership include Chapter Chief and Committee Chairman. The lodge officers, chapter chiefs, and committee chairman all sit upon the Lodge Executive Committee (LEC). The LEC is the presiding body over the lodge and its operation.

In guidance of all the youth leadership, several adult members of the lodge are attached to the positions. These positions are known as Advisors. With the exception of the Lodge Chief each position has one advisor appointed to it. The Lodge Chief is guided by the Lodge Advisor and the Lodge Staff Advisor. The Lodge Staff Advisor is a professional scouter employed by the council. The Lodge Advisor, Staff Advisor, and Lodge Chief make up the 'Key 3' of the lodge. This is the topmost leadership of the lodge.