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List of knots

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This '''list of knots''' includes many alternate names for common knots. The [[overhand knot]], for example, is also known as the [[thumb knot]]. The [[figure-of-eight knot]] is also known as the [[savoy knot]] or the Flemish knot.
*[[adjustable bend]]
*[[bachmann knot]]
*[[carrick bend]]
*[[diagonal lashing]]
*[[egg loop]]
*[[Englishman's knot]]
*[[eye splice]]
*[[falconer's knot]]
*[[Geier Hitch]]
*[[Gordian Knot]]
*[[ground-line hitch]]
*[[half hitch]]
*[[halter hitch]]
*[[icicle hitch]]
*[[improved clinch knot]]
*[[Italian hitch]]
*[[Jack Ketch's knot]]
*[[killick hitch]]
*[[klemheist knot]]
*[[lariat loop]]
*[[lark's foot]]
*[[lobster buoy hitch]]
*[[magnus hitch]]
*[[manharness knot]]
*[[munter friction hitch]]
*[[nail knot]]
*[[one-sided overhand bend]]
*[[overhand bend]]
*[[oysterman's stopper knot]]
*[[packer's knot]]
*[[palomar knot]]
*[[Portuguese whipping]]
*[[racking bend]]
*[[sailor's hitch]]
*[[tarbuck knot]]
*[[versatackle knot]]
*[[wagoner's hitch]]
*[[water bowline]]
*[[Whipped rope]]
*[[yosemite bowline]]
*[[zeppelin bend]]
*[[zeppelin loop]]
==See also==
*[[List of bend knots]]
*[[List of trick knots]]
*[[List of mathematical knots and links]]
==External links==
[[fi:Luettelo solmuista ja köytöksistä]]

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