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  • ...M, OR FEE and simply because the action is perfomed as a Scout, by a Scout living the Scouting ideals. This action shall be performed DAILY."''' ...tional program available to young people ages 14-23. At age 13 1/2, young people may begin working toward an award by establishing goals and registering wit
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  • ...supportive leadership roles for activities in all five areas of emphasis, living the Varsity Scout Pledge, and completing a progress review. ...rthy individual who has performed exceptional and unusual service to young people in hard-to-reach communities over a long period of time.
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  • from the concerns of the progressive movement in the United States from people who sought to promote the social welfare of young men. The BSA adheres to t my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally
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  • and adults the love of [[God]], country, and fellow men; to train young people to become responsible leaders; and to contribute to nation-building. ...wo organizations focused on serving children of American military families living in the Philippines and elsewhere in eastern Asia and the western Pacific: [
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  • ...he began discussing the idea of a new youth organisation with a number of people, including [[William Alexander Smith (Boys Brigade)|William Alexander Smith ...rallel to the three other camps (28th July-3rd August). Replica will be a "living Museum" and recreate the original 1907 experimental camp on Brownsea Island
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  • I will care for nature and all living things<br /> ...this information has been deleted, but if you could kindly replace it many people would be most gratified. The origonal context has been deleted. Sorry for a
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  • ...from Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, England, Japan, Germany and Americans living in Iran; and Scouts established a small poultry farm for fundraising at the ...n of "The Stone Badge" by Ebrahim Sadri, full of [[Scoutcraft]] for Scouts living in areas where there is little wood. The Iranian Scouting uniform of that p
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  • ...und, as well as to non-Scouts for most of the year. More than 10,000 young people from over 40 different countries visit the Centre each year, ensuring a uni ...e had seen the atmosphere and the impact created by bringing so many young people together and he wanted Scouts from around the world to be able to have a si
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  • education in character development, skills and traditions and clean living. ...hat I have to do towards Allah, then my country, then my Amir. And to help people in all circumstances and to obey the Scout Law.
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  • ...ent. Lone Scouts can be in the Scout Section or sections for older [[young people]], and in some countries in the Cub section or sections for younger boys. T *Boys/girls who alternate living arrangements with parents who live in different communities
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  • A number of associations offers Scouting to people of Hungarian descent living outside of Hungary. They form two groups:
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  • ...István Rómer, a match manufacturer. Rómer, a rich Hungarian pharmacist living in Vienna, bought the invention and production rights from Irinyi, the poor ...ncluding the ''Noiseless match'', were dangerous to both the users and the people making them. This was due to the use of white phosphorus.
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  • ...encourage the leaders to bring creativeness into scouting. After a while people from other countries started to show up at IMWe, wanting to take part of th * to practise [[intercultural]] communication and living
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  • ...o Hotel, Outspan Hotel, and the Aberdare Country Club at nearby Mweiga are living reminders of the old days. A number of renowned people have hailed from Nyeri, most notably [[Wangari Maathai]] Nobel Peace Prize
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  • ...night watch for the town because there were insufficient police and older people were too scared. ...nd the boys and girls who no homes, and she opened a [[café]] to earn her living.
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  • #A guide is kind animals and respects all living things. #A guide is thrifty and takes care of her own and other people's possessions.
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  • to help people at all times<br /> # A Guide is a friend to animals and care for all living things.
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  • ...hed into the side of Trail Peak. Waite Philips led a rescue crew up, but 5 people were lost, including 2 [[Eagle Scout]]s. Some of the wreckage still remains ...s, Venturing crews, or local councils. A crew consists of eight to twelve people, with two to four adult leaders, a chaplain's aide, and a crew leader. A '
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  • ...he must ask himself, "Which is my duty?" that is, "Which is best for other people?"---and do that one. He must Be Prepared at any time to save life, or to he ...That is, he is polite to all--but especially to women and children and old people and invalids, cripples, etc. And he must not take any reward for being help
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  • ...e or creed" with the goals of contributing to the "...development of young people ...tional policy of Scouting, " the educational approach used with young people and to the way in which the elements of the Scout Method are used so as to
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