Scout Method (Scouting Ireland)

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The Scout Method is a system based on the concept of self-education and it is also progressive. The Scout Method was designed by the Founder, Robert Baden-Powell and forms the basis of how we achieve our Aim. The elements of the Scout Method can be illustrated as follows.

Young People & Adults working together

Voluntary membership of a group which, guided by adults, is increasingly self-governing in its successive age groups

Promise & Law

Commitment to a code of living as expressed in the Promise and Law, the meaning of which is expanded as the member grows towards maturity

Nature & the Out of Doors

The provision of a wide range of attractive, constructive and challenging activities, including opportunities for adventure and exploration in the outdoors

Learning by doing

Having hands-on and interactive activities allowing young people to take ownership of their activities.

Small Group System

Encouragement of activities in small groups

Personal Progression

An award scheme, which encourages participation in its full range of activities and provides recognition and group achievements

Symbolic Framework

The use of words, names, stories, props, etc. on a specific theme which stimulate the imagination and provide a purpose for activities

Service & Commitment

The commitment to building a better society by involvment in Community Activities