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[[fr:Scoutopedia:Coin du feu]]
[[fr:Scoutopedia:Coin du feu]]
[[it:ScoutWiki:Fuoco di bivacco]]
[[pt:scoutwiki:Reunião do Conselho]]
[[pt:scoutwiki:Reunião do Conselho]]

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Welcome to the Camp Fire, a 'forum' for discussions about ScoutWiki (SW).
Gather round, huddle up, get out your Camping Blankets and join in. Oh and don't forget to sing campfire songs!

This set of pages is used to discuss the technical issues, policies, and operations of ScoutWiki.

When posting in a section, please sign and date your posts (by typing ~~~~ at the end).

The Camp Fire sections
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PSW Policy and guidlines

District Fayre
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Ideas and Suggestions

The Tent
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Everything else

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To browse all Camp Fire topics at once Camp Fire (all)
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To find my way around ScoutWiki Department directory
Specific facts (e.g. What is the Scout Association?) Reference desk
Constructive criticisms from others for a specific article Peer review
Help resolving a specific article edit dispute or making a user conduct dispute complaint  Requests for comment
To report a bug or software/coding problem encountered in SW. SW Bug List
To comment on a specific article Article's talk page
To help improve ScoutWiki The ToDo list
To learn about citing ScoutWiki in a bibliography Citing ScoutWiki
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Discussions older than seven days (date of last made comment) will be moved to a sub page of each section (called section name/Archive n) as soon as we identify the archiving mechanism to be used.