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Camp Fire/The Tent

This is one of the Camp Fire pages. We use them to discuss the technical issues, policies, and operations of Scout Wiki. The Camp Fire is divided into sections covering these different aspects, but if you can't decide which to use, try The Tent. Please sign and date your posts (by typing ~~~~ at the end).

The Camp Fire sections
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District Fayre
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The Tent
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Everything else

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Hi, my name is Kevin Graf I am a scouter that some of you might remember as a child camper. I was the one that had a Camporee at WAHIWA NAVCAMS Military Base above Whitmore Village it was held in the 80's. I was the one that was the Chairman. I did alot of other stuff that was for the Boy Scouts but that was one thing I know some of you would remember right off the top of your head. Al Sacia(think that might be spelling) was District Exec.. Okay the reason I am writing is because I lost my wallet ages ago and it had my Brotherhood Card in it and it is now lost to the ages and I was wondering if someone can help me get a replacement. Also if you would like to chat I would not mind that either. I am sure plenty of you who might read this know of me or have heard of the campout. I was in Scouts for many years, I have not been in it now for many years but I would like to get the card just for old time thoughts. If this gets through to someone in Aloha Distict you can contact me.