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Miniature Pioneering

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2003 Atlantis Tower
2001 Pyramids

Miniature Pioneering or Model Pioneering is an art form featuring the miniaturized version of pioneering construction. This technique was originally used by Boy Scouts to create a model for campsite planning. Models are a convenient way to plan a construction project, requiring the same techniques as a full scale model, and allowing for accurate equipment lists to be developed, as well as for difficulties in sequencing construction to be identified. However, scout troops in Malaysia are innovating it into a new form of art through competitions. While real pioneering is a combination of wooden spars and ropes, these materials are replaced by wooden sticks and white thread in Miniature Pioneering.

Although design and complexity plays a major part in judging the value of a model, the most important criteria that defines this unique art is the lashing. In order to produce a good model, the artist has to tie lashings that are tidy, tight, and clean. This makes it an emotionally challenging art form which is used to instill patience in a person.

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