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Suomen Partiolaiset has held five big scoutcamps in Finland. Camps are also called Finnjamboree because there has been also many foreign scouts and guides partisipating.

Name Time Place Partisipants Camp chief
Karelia 1.–10. August 1979 Koli 9 000 Gunnel Palermaa och Asko Rantti
Miilu 23. July – 1. August 1985 Jämijärvi 10 000 Marjaana Suosalmi
Tervas 1.–9. August 1990 Kannonkoski 13 500 Risto 'Albert' Pyysalo
Loisto 18.–26. July 1996 Hanko 14 500 Pekka 'Zorro' Saarela
Tarus 28. July – 5. August 2004 Padasjoki 12 200 Marjukka 'Mjukka' Rehumäki
2010 Juha Lehto