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Suomen Partiolaiset/Tarus

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Tarus was fifth Finnjamboree organised by Suomen Partiolaiset. It was held between 28. June–5. August 2004 at Padasjoki in Finland. Camp had about 12 200 partisipants aged over 10 years. About 1000 partisipants joined abroad.


This Finnjamboree is remembered because of its weather. It started raining on first day and it kept on raining about five days. Rain amount during Tarus was as much as it usually is in whole summer. So many tent sites flooded. At first it all looked hopeless but soon it turned in to great Scout Spirit. Nowadays the word Tarus means to many partisipant "an endless flooding rain".

Subcamps and cams scarf colours

  • Kulo, red
  • Uitto, blue
  • Justeeri, yellow
  • Patikka, violet
    • Lastu (families)
  • Korpi, dark green
  • Stocken, brown
  • Savotta, green


  • Marjukka "Mjukka" Rehumäki, camp chief
  • Kaj "Kaitsu" Kanervavuori
  • Kari "Poppis" Suomela
  • Juha "Jeo" Lehto
  • Pertti "Pepe/Pertsa" Lampinen
  • Elli Koistinen
  • Johanna "Nonnu" Valento
  • Olavi Laitala