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Virtual Roundtable

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The Big Rock Scouting Topic for 2020 : Virtual Scouting Meetings and Activities

There are several free sources for hosing a virtual tele-conference. Check out these free resources - many adult members already have an account and experience already from their employment. Ask us about limits on time or # of users -- And many Scout leaders and parents are subscribing for $19.95/month to get the professional version of one or more the falling - it has better quality and less restrictions.

Hosting Formats

Most work on both your phone-app or on your laptop computer that has both camera and microphone.

  • -
  • Discord

Start a publicity campaign. Many leaders have no idea what roundtable is or who may attend. Be sure to promote roundtable on websites, newsletters and using email and Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Before the Meeting

  • Encourage all Participants to join 15 minutes early to test their system hardware connection and a little demo of the system.
  • Encourage all Scouts and Scouters to show Scout Spirit - Attend in Uniform.

Ideal Size for Virtual Youth Meetings

  • Weekly - Cub Den or Scout Patrol (3-12 scouts - most interactive and socialable format)
  • Monthly - Pack Meeting or Troop Meeting - Larger group - less interaction - could be more confusion.
  • Monthly - Adult Committee/Planning Meeting - These are crazy times - perhaps meet more often?
  • Monthly - Scout PLC Meeting

Best simple advice is to make sure ALL online meetings are run as if you were in person. Including: Etiquette , uniforming, open with Pledge, Oath, Law, and prayer. be respectful of others.

Big Rock #1 : File Sharing

One of the best features in the Zoom and other applications is the "File Sharing" mode.

  • Share the FLAG for pledge of allegiance at the beginning
  • Share a fun video - a youtube demonstrating how to tie knots.
  • Share the agenda
  • Share a Public Service Announcement
  • Stop Covid-19 P.S.A. - How to safely shop for groceries and take out food during Covid-19 Pandemic. Public Safety Announcement!
  • Scoutmaster Dave #128 - Scoutmaster Dave on YouTube has a good video about Social Distancintg

Big Rock #2: Virtual Games & Activities

Big Rock #3: Scouting At Home

Big Rock #4: 2020 Social Media Recruitment

2020 Recruitment.PNG

2020 is the year to turn life's lemons into lemonade!

Most other youth programs have gone completely dark: Sports, Theater, STEM, Music, etc. But not scouting. We are hearing many reports of families inviting friends and neighbors to join their weekly online meetings. Keep up the good work.

Big Rock #5: Summer Camp Updates

Everyone in Scouting wants to plan a successful summer-camp adventure. Get these answers at your next virtual roundtable:

  • If your scouts are working hard on merit badges now, will your troop priority shift to having a really cool adventure in the summer?
  • What is local council doing for summer camp?
  • What is local council doing for cub camp?
  • Is the district going to reschedule the next camporee?
  • Does your local school district plan to hold classes into the summer?

Big Rock #6: Virtual Adult Training Courses

Many adults have extra free time at home.

  • Renew YPT.
  • Every Scout deserves a trained leader

Big Rock #7: Best Zoom Meeting Contest

Some Districts are encouraging Dens and Patrols to have a "Best Zoom Meeting Contest" for the month.

Report on best Zoom Scout Meetings held so far!

Big Rock #8: Commissioner's Minute


A Scout is Cheerful - These are crazy and bizarre times - but for scouting program we have a unique opportunity to be seen and heard while almost every others youth program has gone dark. We need to demonstrate how turn life's Lemons into Lemonade, and have fun doing it. Scouters don't let themselves get cranky, but instead model the scout law for their youth.

See Also

  • See also the BryanOnScouting Blog for more Covid-19 Scouting ideas. (Sadly we cannot link to Scouting blogs from here!)