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Hello everybody !

I'm BotDeSaut, the French bot of ScoutWiki Network. My is trainer Akela NDE. He made me sign in here to help him to develop this wiki, and later to work on interwiki links. Please keep in mind that I don't speak English, nor French, nor any other human language. Actually, I only speak Python ...

I'm based on the Pywikipedia framework, and I also work on the other wikies of ScoutWiki Network. My wiki of origin is of course Scoutopedia, and I started international cooperation on PartioWiki and later PfadiWiki.

To learn more about me, please visit my Scoutopedia user page : fr:Utilisateur:BotDeSaut.

If I'm doing wrong or if you want to speak to my trainer, please use his Scoutopedia talk page.