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SpiralScouts™ International is a youth organization in the United States for children of neo-pagan faiths though it is open to others.[1] It was created in 1999 by the Aquarian Tabernacle Church after the Boy Scouts of America decided not to recognize the religious programs of the Wiccan faith as part of the BSA Religious Emblems Programs.[2]


SpiralScouts is divided into three age-based groups

FireFlies who are aged 3 through 8 and whose Promise is

I promise to serve the Wise Ones,
To Honor and respect Mother Earth,
To be helpful and understanding toward all people,
And always keep love in my heart.

SpiralScouts who are aged 9 through 13 or 14 and whose Oath is

A SpiralScout shall: Respect all living things; be kind and courteous; be honorable; be mindful of his/her words; seek out knowledge in all forms; recognize the beauty in all of creation; offer assistance to others; value honesty and truth; honor personal commitments; and respect the Divine in all things.

PathFinders who are aged 14 through 18 and whose Pledge is

I pledge myself to the FireFly Promise, the SpiralScouts's Oath, the fulfillment of all my commitments, made to myself as well as others. I pledge to serve all my brothers and sisters in every way on our many journeys around the sun together as I find my way through the world