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Scout prayer

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There are many Scout Prayers in existence. Some packs/dens/troops keep a "Prayer Book"; one Scout takes it home each week and inscribes in it his own prayer to read out at the end of a meeting.

However, there are official prayers that are widely used by groups that don't use a Prayer Book or when the Prayer Book is not available. There are occasionally slight variations of these. This happens from an incorrect teaching of the prayer, an adaptation for a specific country, or other reasons.

The Cub Scout Prayer

Help us, dear God, to love thee day by day
To do our duty to you and enjoy our play
To keep our cub scout promise the best that we can
And to do our best always to help our fellow man.


The Scout Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

Help to keep my honor bright
And teach me that integrity of character
Is my most priceless possession.

Grant that I may do my best today,
And strive to do even better tomorrow.

Teach me that duty is a friend and not an enemy,
And help me face even the most disagreeable task cheerfully.

Give me the faith to understand my purpose and life,
Open my mind to the truth and fill my heart with love.

I am thankful for all the blessings you have bestowed upon my country.
Help me to do my duty to my country and
To know that a good nation must be made from good men.

Help me to remember my obligation to obey the Scout Law,
And give me understanding, so that it is more than mere words.

May I never tire of the joy of helping other people or
Look the Other way when someone is in need.

You have given me the gift of a body,
Make me wise enough to keep it health,
That I might serve better.

You are the source of all wisdom,
Help me to have an alert mind,
Teach me to think,
And help me to learn discipline.

In all that I do and in every challenge I face,
Help me to know the difference between right and wrong,
And lead me in obedience on a straight path to a worthy goal.


Most Catholic associations throughout the World use a prayer that was written by St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Lord Jesus, teach us to be generous, to serve as You deserve, to give myself, to fight without care for my wounds, to work without rest, to spend myself without any other reward than knowing that I am doing Your holy will. Amen

The Scout Law Prayer

(This prayer is designed to demonstrate the Scout Law)

Dear Lord, Bless all those everywhere who contribute to shape the hearts, minds and bodies of young people. Let us remember what they have taught and apply it daily.

When facing deceit and dishonesty, let us be Trustworthy.
If we see hypocrisy and faithlessness, let us be Loyal.
Where disregard of others and mere materialism prevail, let us be Helpful.
When we find people in despair, let us be Friendly.
In an atmosphere of ill manner, let us be Courteous.
Where some measure manliness in brutality and crudeness, let us be Kind.
Though lawbreaking and rule-scoffing are common, let us be Obedient.
While others grumble and grouch, let us be Cheerful.
In an environment blighted by waste and extravagance, let us be Thrifty.
When confronted with danger and temptation, let us be Brave.
As we see filth and pollution everywhere, let us be Clean.
While witnessing impiety, let us remember to be Reverent.

In short, in a world that has for generation after generation lamented the lack of good examples, let us, as Scouts, stand out, grow up, and be real adults.


The Venturer Prayer

Lord, We thank you for letting us come once again to marvel at your creations. We hope that those in the group who are new to this activity will leave with the same sense of wonder that we always feel as we step into a cave.
We treat these activities as fun, but always with a sense of wonder at the thousands of years required to create even the smallest of the features at which we look.
Help us to preserve your work, both for ourselves and for future generations of Scouts and Cavers.


The Rover Prayer

By the Spirits of the Just,
Made perfect in their suffering
Teach us in our turn, O Lord,
To serve thee as we ought,
To give, and not to count the cost,
To fight, and not to heed the wounds,
To toil and not seek for rest
To labor and not seek any reward,
Save that of knowing that we do thy will.


Philmont Grace

For food,

for raiment,

for life,

for opportunity,

For friendship and fellowship,

We thank thee, O Lord.

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