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Nettipartiolaiset ry is a Finnish scouting association founded in 1998 to further scouting activity on the Internet. In practice the main activities are maintaining a server to offer services for scouting purposes and supporting the Jamboree On The Internet event in Finland. The association's personal members can be recognized by their email aliases. Nettipartiolaiset ry has been an B member of the Finnish Scouts and Guides since 2007.

The association's activities are funded by collecting member fees and service fees from the users. is an Internet service maintained by Nettipartiolaiset. It offers email aliases, mailing lists and Web hosting with database support for Finnish scouting associations and events. Currently consists of one server.

Hosted sites

Nettipartiolaiset hosts many projects' and events' Web sites, including (but not limited to)

Nettipartiolaiset is in co-operation with Pääkaupunkiseudun Partiolaiset ry providing its trustees with email aliases, among other services.

Board of 2008


Nettipartiolaiset ry was founded 1. March 1998 on a brown couch in Pihlajamäki, Helsinki. Reasons for founding the association were at least organizing the community formed at #Partio@IRCnet IRC channel, purchasing the domain name, organizing official JOTI events and furthering netscouting nationwidely. Founding members were (in the order of signatures):

The logo of the association has been confirmed 14. June 1998 in the emblem committee of Finnish Scouts and Guides.

Nettipartiolaiset ry has been approved 16. October 2007 as a B member of Finnish Scouts and Guides.



The first Nettipartiolaiset server was a borrowed 80386 computer, that hummed for some time in the premises of a scouting friendly company.

Server names in chronological order:

  1. (forgotten)
  2. boldt
  3. rassi
  4. rissa
  5. ressu

Web site