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HMEROLOGIO LOGBOOK of the Boy Scouts of Nea Erithrea, Athens, Greece

(it does look slightly Greek, but we are improving it, starting from the most recent entries)
In 1999 the Nea Erithrea - Ekali Group was re-founded by Yannis Iossifidis.
In October 1999 we were allowed to use two rooms of the area of New Eritrea Theater. On 1 December 1999 it was recognized by the Boy Scouts of Greece. On September 2000 we were granted the use of a renovated "Youth Center" building at Pergamou street. In August 2001 we started erecting the big flagstaff / watchtower in our courtyard. March 12, 2000 Preparing giant paper kite. March 13, 2000 Flying giant paper kite. March 25, 2000 Participation in the Parade.
Summer camp in Schinos 29, 30 and 31 July 2000 The drive Eritrea - Megara - Alepochori - Schinus lasted 2 hours because the cars were heavily loaded and the drivers extra careful . The first night, after we ate, we learned that the Alkyonidon bay was not always as quiet. Kouang Lung, admiral of the Chinese Emperor, when he failed to catch a few pirates, instead of waiting for punishment, went further away as he could. As we say 'China' and he came by boat to Greece and then resorting to the deserted beach sauce, until you pass the anger of the Emperor. The inhabitants have kept some traditions. One of these is the game of the Buddha, we played. The players were so careful, however, probably the game of snails had to be named. Be bolder, you guys! The carbonara pasta was appreciated by all. Morning battle using flour-bombs. The boys fought with such fury that we nearly had fatalities. Great game with chocolate cigar prizes. Spontaneous knot tying competition. Then, everyone who knew well, teached someone else. Played Treasure prize Coke. No one knew what we wanted the game, but eventually drank Coke all! The last evening we had our Campfire, but because wind was blowing strong and surrounded by dense pine trees, not a fire, but three lamps in the center of the circle. There was a lot of fun and the voices of the children was good. The Camp Chief was left speechless ... and just played guitar. You see, after so many days of screaming and giving instructions from morning till night ... The guitar was accompanied by drums that looked very much like tin plates. Who sang the go - The cheer you - Greek Scouting - As the carefree bird - Scout Hymn - The sun in my heart ... Because there was possibility of rain, we gathered the tents to prevent them being folded wet and betting mouldy. We all slept in the guest house building in the camping area of "Ypethrios Zoi" (Outdoor Life) accosiation. Camp Chief: John Iosifidis Staff: Anna Karioti-Iossifides, Stefos Alevras . Campers: Nousis Kostas, Konstantinos Petropoulos, Nousis George, Michael Tsoukaladakis, Mazelaris Anthony, Gourounas Vangelis, Ragousis Elias, Sophia Iosifidou (4), Paul (3 years).

September 19, 2000 The New Club is almost ready. October 2000 trip to Penteli to cook over open fire steaks, kebab, potatoes, etc. December 3, 2000 Cooking Club in the yard of our Club house. December 28, 2000 Party at Club, Santa February 14, 2001 in Makin 'Club

Two-day excursion of Eastern Attica Region Scouts Parnes, 5 and 6 May 2001

Camp of our Troop, Sounion 6 to 9 July 2001 The theme of the camp are the gods of Olympus. Attendance 20,000 drachmas per child. Schedule: Friday 6/7/01 Check out the 8 from the Inside Club coach games acquaintance. 11 arrival in Sounion, welcome to the archaeological service, introducing children to the point. Food, quiet hours. 17.45 Game: Climbing the Acropolis in each group Fishermen find pieces of a vase representing the color. In the camp hang on plaster base. Each vase is also a message - destination (4 cardinal points / direction / wind rose). That is the incense, in balls of wax with a symbol of Neptune. Returning to camp, put the incense into the vessel. During the shooting place of the 4 vessels in the 4 corners of the earth around the fire. 22.00 Fire. Through the emerging sea Poseidon. It shows the trident a point "catching" fire. Underneath is a hidden pot, found in the papyrus on the next day "Force". Saturday 7/7/01 Project Fire: The fire we Aram Sam Sam, Where are you going, 1st neat, M-O-P-AB-O, the peak, Bou-GKA-Lou, 2nd neat, the rigging up, Goat, 3rd Straight , Equestrian, Magician (from staff). After the plain, awards. Camp Chief: John Iosifidis Staff: Karioti-Iossifides Anna, Agouridis Nassos, Nousis Costas, Mazelaris Anthony. Campers: Panagiotis Dimitropoulos, Melissaris Thanasis, Mystiloglou Anastasia, Olga Tsirigka, Tsirigkas Vangelis, Chelioti Antigone, Cheliotis Alexander. Together we camped the Girl Guides of Ekali, with their Leaders Gonos Mirto, Pagkoulaki Poppy, Sylvia Christopoulos, Tsakmaki Angeliki.

Camp Detectors in Skyros 27 until July 31, 2001 July 27, 2001 Arrival in Skyros, bathroom Kavos. In the afternoon, participate in the festival. Overnight in Elementary School Skyros. July 28 Food, castle. In the afternoon swimming at Pine. July 29 clams July 30 Workshop wood. Folklore Museum. In the afternoon, leaving the village. July 31 Caves. In the afternoon, Byzantine Fortress. August 1 back to Athens. Head: John Iosifidis Staff: Anna Karioti-Iossifides Campers: Ziakas Marina, Callistus Nadia, Mazelaris Anthony, George Nousia, Nousia Costas, Michael Tsoukaladakis, Psyllaki Elsa. August 24, 2001 Home Feature Web garden club in Pergamum. September 2001 cycling race Municipality Erithrea December 20, 2001 Wedding Anniversary John and Anna Iossifides the club. 2001 Winter trip to Dirfi 22 - December 24

Head: John Iosifidis Staff: Campers: Asteriadis Elli, Marina Ziakas, Callistus Nadia, Mazelaris Anthony, George Nousia, Nousia Costas, Michael Tsoukaladakis, endowments Filio, Psyllaki Elsa. Camp Detectors in Rodopi July 29 until August 13, 2002 Alexandroupoli, Samothraki, Gorge Fonia, fence. 2/8/2002 night at Hall Scout Xanthi. 3 and 4 August night in the 1st Scout System Stavropol. Head: John Iosifidis Staff: Agouridis Thanasis, Nikos Asteriadis Campers: Nikos Adamopoulos, Panagiotis Adamopoulos, Asteriadis Elli, pigs Vangelis, Callistus Nadia, Anthony Mazelaris, Mefale Athena, Nousia Costas, Tsoukaladakis Michael, Winter trip Karpenisi Haryana, 26 έως December 29, 2002 Excursion program: Thursday 26/12/02 5 am in club, 6 leaving by car, 11 Karpenissi to 12.15 Setting up 12.45 cleaning area. Then, cleaning and personal acquaintance of the city until 18.00, when we return, we continue to clean the area and eat. 20.30 - 21.30 discussion of our summer program 21.30 and 22.30 Entertainment sleep. Friday 27/12/02 6 am reveille, breakfast 6.30, 7 departure for the summit. Back, rest 90 ', lunch, putting area. Information on the program forward detectors, planning new year. Dinner food, leisure, sleep. Σάββατο 28/12/02 7.30 reveille, breakfast, depart for 8.30 ski resort. 14.00 Lunch, 14.30 departure for the church of Panagia. Back, lunch, Ministry of Development Sunday 29/12/02 9 reveille, breakfast 9.30, 10.30 regularization sakkidion 11.30 settlement and site restoration, 12.15 depart for Athens. The nights were at the Grand Village School Haryana. January 2003 Traditional cutting of the New Year's Pie in 2nd Primary School. 12.13 / 4 / 03 Two days in Parnitha (Flambouri Refuge). 26.27 / 4 / 03 Two days in Kyparissia on camp.

Immediate response to fire in the Sophocleous Park (Newspaper article of September 21, 2007)
Fire broke out at midnight on 29 August 2007 at Sophocleous street Park. Happily the wind was not strong and it was soon put out. Four Boy Scouts patrolling the area spotted the fire. They immediately alerted the Fire Department, Municipality and residents. They fought the fire themselves and removed the pine-tree branches which were in the park after recent pruning. In this way the fire did not spread to the overhanging trees. Using a garden hose from a next door garden, the boys finally extinguished the fire. On the spot arrived 3 fire engines, a water vehicle of the Municipality of New Eritrea, police cars and 2 security cars. The Deputy Mayor Mr Morakis arrived immediately and congratulated the Scouts, Mr. Tsagaris and municipal employees. The causes of the fire are unknown, altho the Fire Department and Police have ruled out from the start the possibility of a cigarette. In a interview he gave our newspaper, a 15 year old Boy Scout told us about what they did, his feelings about the incident and the plans of the 1st Scout Group on fire patrolling. What makes a ypumgster 15 years old prefer to patrol for forest fires instead of going with his friends for coffee ? -The thought alone that 2,900,000 acres of forestland have been recently burned, makes me be here now and not in a cafeteria or in front of a TV. -What did you feel that the time of the fire and what do you feel now ? -The first thing I thought was not to panic so I can help my co Scouts extinguish the fire and not let it get hold. What I feel, not only myself but also other children with whom we are together in fire protection and other activities, is that we finally put a little bit to make our world better, we are glad of this. It is worth noting that the fires of Mount Parnes Penteli and Hymettus were fought by 120 Scout Leaders. Also, 350 Leaders and Senior Scouts helped the burnt-out village of Zacharo scouts.
In a statement the Group Leader of Nea Erithrea told us of their plans, in cooperation with the municipality . Building a fire tower and from there during the summer months supervise the forest of our municipality but also other forest areas: Dionysus, Parnitha, Hymettus, Penteli.

In June 2009 our Cub Scouts went camping to Elea in Peloponesus. Camp Chief was Nikos Adamopoulos, assisted by Christina Dalaka, Dina Tzavara ...the weather was fine and everything went well. On the slow train going there, we triggered the alarm when one of the backpacks got tangled with the alarm handle … Later in the camp, a local farmer could not believe his eyes, seeing a globe of two meters diameter rising slowly in the night sky, glowing eerily. We also had a ribbon of Christmas lights inside, blinking in different colours. The farmer’s truck nearly run over our Akela, who was dressed in black and pulling the UFO higher with pulleys on trees and nylon fishing twine. Happily a “Martian” with a tall head (glowing orange) intervened and the car swerved aside, missing Nikos. The event just made the game more realistic for our Cub Scouts  !

On Sunday, 5 October 2009, there was a sanctification of our Group by the local priest for the opening of the Scout year. Present and of course always ready were the Cubs, the Scouts, Venture Scouts and Leaders of the Group. The parents had prepared a buffet of treats for a pleasant beginning of the new season. The ceremony was attended by Nea Erithrea Mayor, Mrs. Vasiliki Tamvakis, the Councilors Mrs Katerina Moustaki, Mr. Anthony Bitsanis, Mrs. Marina Petousi, the presidents of athletic clubs Mr. George Rigoutsos of Panerythraikos and Mr Stavros Panagiotidis of A.M.E.S. There were also present representatives from other Attica Scout Groups. 2009, December 20, Group Leader Panos Adamopoulos led an excursion in the snow of Mountain Parnassos. Gathering at 7:30 am, departure by coach at 8 am, returning at 5 pm Our founder Yannis Iossifidis continues to assist us until today, preparing unheard-of gadjets ! Version 13 January 2010