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Eurojam is the chief international gathering of the International Union of Guides and Scouts of Europe, taking place approximately once every ten years.


There have been three Eurojams so far (1984, 1994, and 2003) and a fourth will take place in August of 2014.

Prior to 1984 there were camporees that were called "Eurojam" but in retrospect are now known as "jamborettes":

  • St. Loup de Naud (France), in 1960, with about 400 participants.
  • Marburg-an-der-Lahn (Germany) in 1964, with about 700 participants
  • Kergonan (France) in 1968, with about 700 participants

1984 - France

  • Dates: July 20 to 26
  • Location: Velles near Châteauroux (France)
  • Number of participants: About 5,000
  • Theme: FIAT

This is the 1st Eurojam, as announced by Pierre Géraud-Keraod . Its theme was: FIAT. On July 25, in the Cathedral of Paris, all the scouts, guides, and leaders were dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and Our Lady of the Annunciation was named the patroness of the green branch.

1994 - Italy

2003 - Poland

2014 - France

In preparation