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Lightening Safety

Mick Cole

Anyone hiking in an area subject to thunderstorms (which is most or perhaps all of us) needs, at a minimum, to be aware of the following rules, the violation of at least some of which were almost certainly a significant factor in two recent scouting deaths:


  • AVOID: Avoid water. Avoid all metallic objects. Avoid the high ground. Avoid solitary tall trees. Avoid close contact with others - spread out 15-20 ft.
  • APART: Avoid contact with dissimilar objects (water & land; boat & land; rock & ground; tree & ground). Avoid open spaces.
  • SEEK: Seek clumps of shrubs or trees of uniform height. Seek ditches, trenches or the low ground. Seek a low, crouching position with feet together with hands on ears to minimize acoustic shock from thunder.
  • KEEP: Keep a high level of safety awareness for thirty minutes after the last observed lightning or thunder.

Lightening Links

Joe Jansen

  • Lightning safety information will be found at

  • NOAA has lightning safety information at

  • A web site constructed to participate in Lightning Safety Awareness Week (June 19-25 2005) is at

  • A civil defense web site on lightning safety is at

Bill Nelson

  • Also see:

Rain Management

We treat the eureka tents once every two years, use vestibules and then the boys use plastic on the interior floors of the tents to keep their bags /gear dry. Shoes stay out in the vestibules and they stay dry there provided they are set-up correctly.

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