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Toiletpaper is a game where partisipants learn to know each other.

How to play this game?

This game can be used specially in the beginning of weekend camps or courses where partisipants do not yet know each other.

Players form a ring. The game leader tells to them: "Staff of this camp/hike/etc forgot to bring any toilet paper. So we have only this one paper roll. So we desided it is best to split it here in the beginning. Each partisipant may take as much paper as they are going to need until we get more paper next morning".

At this point players always think that this camp/hike/etc started very poorly indeed...

So all players get their share of the one toiletpaper roll. After that game leader reveales that this was not the only toilet paper BUT this is a Game. Each partisipant know must count their pieces of toiletpaper and tell as many things about themselves as they have pieces.