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Bryce Hall - 26 years scouting experience


2020 Strategic Scouting

BSA Strategic Platforms

Scouting has to be smarter and self-sustainable in promoting its program

  1. Order of the Arrow - promote scouting, service and camping
  2. Commissioner
  3. Wood Badge
  4. ScoutWiki - Start it out from strongest districts (Texas and East)
  5. BSAParents - Social Media Influencer
  6. Other BSA Support Groups! Needed Guidance.

BRH Booster Section

  1. Super FB Memes (X8)
    1. "A Scout is Trustworthy : BeAScout.org
    2. "Bigger Challenges Bring Greater Personal Growth : BeAScout.org
  2. Familypedia - scouting heroes story data base (Scouting Heritage)
  3. MormonWikia - Church Scouting activity links
  4. ReligionWikia - Other MegaChurches - Activity Links
  5. ScoutWiki AA - Super Fun Program ideas
    1. Patrol Leader Merit Badge Planning Guide
    2. Scouting for Food
    3. Scouting in California - Great Scout Camp and Activity Adventures
    4. High Adventure
  6. Scout Wiki BB - Core Program Support
    1. Journey to Excellance
    2. Recruitment Resources (Boy Scouts of America)
    3. Friends of Scouting

Major Projects

  1. LDS Transition Letter
  2. Find and Build Major Scout Camp page (Skip Minor / Closed Camps)
    1. Link to Scouting in Alaska
    2. Link to Council Page
    3. Link to List of BSA Camps
    4. Follow Scout Camp News - See Boys Life highlights!
    5. Community Scouting 5K Run
  3. Merit Badge Series
    1. Genealogy Merit Badge - Patrol Leader Planning Guide
  4. Commissioner Service Plan
  5. Other Projects
    1. Scouting for Food
    2. Pinewood Derby
    3. Recruitment Resources (Boy Scouts of America)

Ongoing BSA Litigation

  1. BSA Responds to abuse lawsuites
“We care deeply about all victims of abuse and sincerely apologize to anyone who was harmed during their time in Scouting. We believe victims, we support them, we pay for counseling by a provider of their choice, and we encourage them to come forward,” the statement said.
“Upon receipt of this information from the group of plaintiff’s attorneys, we immediately investigated the limited information provided and our efforts have already resulted in approximately 120 reports to law enforcement. We are continuing to manually search old paper records at the local level and will continue to notify law enforcement as additional individuals are.”

Wiki SEO Pages Needed

Pages that will build SEO Traffic


  • Gorsuch Scout Camp (GAC) -
  • Scout Camps
  • Merit Badge workshops
  • Camporees & Jamborees
  • Alaska Hi-Adventure Trek
  • Sierra Hi-Adventure Trek
  • Scouting in Utah

Special Features

California Scout Me In

  1. Purpose : Scouting Promotion / Recruitment / Program Improvement
  2. Method : SEO Quality Rich Content -
  3. Target 1 : California (no central scouting unit)
  4. Content : Camping / Service / Youth Activities
  5. Why A : Help Next Generation learn to be better citizens
  6. Why B : Community Service Opportunity for the Church of God - to interact with even more of the Next Gen.
  7. Timeframe : 1 month/council or 1 week/district (with attractions and units)

Boy Scouts of America promotes family outdoor recreation and community service.
Why BSA is America's best youth organization today.
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