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* [ The Reef Knot Family]
* [ The Reef Knot Family]
[[fr:Nœud de voleur]]
[[fr:Nœud de voleur]]

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Thief knot
Names Thief knot, Bag knot, Bread bag knot
Category binding
Origin Ancient
Related Reef knot, Granny knot, Grief knot
Releasing jamming, but not always
Caveat spills
ABoK #1207

The Thief knot resembles the square knot, aka reef knot except that the free, or working, ends are on opposite sides. It is said that sailors would secure their belongings in a ditty bag using the thief knot, often with the ends hidden. If another sailor went through the bag, the odds were high the thief would tie the bag back using the more common square knot, revealing the tampering, hence the name.

File:Thief knot steps.png
Tying the thief knot step-by-step

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