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Template:Scouting:Content guidelines

The English ScoutWiki is a free Scouting resource that anyone can edit. It's part of the ScoutWiki Network. This resource gives us the opportunity to create articles that would not meet Wikipedia's guidelines - but not only those. Some of the kinds of things we can create here are:

  • "How-to" articles on Scout skills
  • Articles about history of scouting
  • Articles about scouting organizations in different countries
  • Articles on patch collecting that include patch galleries
  • Any other resources that Scouts and Scouters might find useful

Just as Wikipedia is not free webhosting, the English ScoutWiki is not free webhosting either. If Wikipedia has an article about a person that we cannot write differently, we can just link to that article.

Please keep in mind that this wiki's not devoted to scouting in one particular country, but to scouting in general and to scouting in English-speaking countries in particular. Concerning that point, one should keep in mind what is told about systemic bias in Wikipedia